Anyone ever use or Heard of Testoprimd


Anyone ever tried or heard of Testoprimd and your opinion


I have not used or heard of. What is the brand? Also you should make this to the appropriate category. This is not an introduction :slight_smile:


Help me out with a link or something.
I have never even heard of it.
Where did you see it?
What exactly is it?


@Fitraver remember @SemperFi
You know I don’t even have to say it :sunglasses::crazy_face::sunglasses:


Testoprim D…early days it was Mexican, like primotestin. I think it was a mix.


Jerry ward talked about this in 1 of his videos .


Im new to this site don’t exactly know how everything works try to figure out how post my pics of it




Its 250 mg? If it is ,i believe thats 200 Long acting and 50 propionate. It is what it is… Id take it if it was .50 a vial like back in the day, but there probably are better choices.


I used to live by the border up until the 1st week of November and id go to Mexico about twice a week and since the were so readily available I d pick some up. Test E 200mg, prop 50 mgs. They come in a box with 3 amps and 3 22 gauge 1/1/4 syringes. For10 to 15$ depending on how well you new the pharmacist. But the tourists that they would never see again would pay about 30$ and be happy i delt with the few same pharmacies for a couple yrs why my price was so much cheaper. Id pick them up just to increase the sex drive maybe 1 a month but never cycleed on them because they hurt like a bitch. I ld throw everything away and just put the amps in my pocket and w
alk across the border. So when i ended back up north i ending up having around 50 amps i had no idea i had that many they would just end up in a drawer lol. They burn you have to warm the up under warm water until they thin out a little than id draw in a syringe with a different nee under hot water for about a few more minutes than i would inject it slowly usually about 2 minutes than massage for another few and it usually cut the sting in half and a day short. I mean you could buy them at Walmart so they weren’t boge they did what I used them for instead of using viagra but they were strong just asked if anyone used in a cycle because I never did cause I don’t think my ass could take 24 weeks of that much pain lol. But their legit look it up its just now that i have so many i need to use before they expiire. Just wondering if someone did how were the gains.


Im just wanting to know why they were so harsh.


I would say that its probably just the product.
Its a blend with test enanthate and test prop so im not sure what the carrier oil is or what solvents they use. The needle might be low quality but I really am not familiar with the product.
It could be a combination of different things or just the product itself.


Its if you’ve ever been to a Mexican pharmacy everything is a haggle which is coo.l ill take 5 of if you throw one of those in that type of deal


This is what I could get of the box b/c its all in Spanish. Laboratorios tocogino. S.A. DE C.V
Chihuahua no 185 COL Roma CP 06700 Mexico.
Now I’m assuming that’s where the lab is and name of sorry didn’t have more info



Haha…wrong one…this is american


The testoprimd i have is nothing like what is described in that site, totally different


I never use the syringes i just bring the amps back not even the boxes im sure its just a low quality product but it does what it was made to do.


T nation has a article that shows up from 2006. It states it was too painful back then too😀. Nothing could ever top Toyko t 400! That was pain. I guess I should never say nothing…but that was bad. The “un micronized” winstrol was bad too…some idiots mixed it with oil and got it in. SOME IDIOTS…at least one.