Anybody mini cut on bulking cycle


Anybody gone on mini cuts while on bulking cycle? opinions? worth it or a waste…?


I personally think it’s best to stick to one or the other. Why over complicate it? Just do a very clean bulk and you shouldn’t have to worry about cutting during your bulk. You should follow along on @fitraver 's logs, he’s very meticulous and it might help you out some.


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For sure @reginaldbjj you should really take a look at those logs fitraver is putting up


I feel that a bulk cycle should primary focus on creating mass. Doing mini cuts may not hurt that goal but may keep you from getting as much as you can from the cycle. Now if you are worried about putting on to much fat then a clean diet may be an easier option while still maintain the results from the bulk cycle. Just my opinion. I don’t like to over complicate things if not necessary.


If you are gaining more fat than you like then cut back by 5% of total daily calories. The cut back should be primarily from carbs that arent around your workout. This should be easy for you to do if you are measuring, weighing your meals and tracking your daily calories. If you arent doing cardio which you should be since it keeps your metabolism up and heart healthy, add 20mins 3 times a week to start. This should help you stay within a exceptable range of bf%


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I agree with this. The problem most people make is making to big of an adjustment at a time. Males respond quickly to diet changes (10-14 days). Making minor regular adjustments is much better in my experience than a large single adjustment that may negatively impact our goals.


I actually will do a little cut from time to time while bulking. I only do this because I have bad tendons and loosing a few lbs of water helps big time to loosen some pressure. But as stated check @Fitraver 's logs. Really good info there. And honestly you can only take what you read so far, everyone responds different. Its good to have a foundation but you will know better than anyone who and what you respond to.