Any other addiction apart from GYM?


I’m here not quite long time and I would like to know brothers do you have other hobbies besides the gym? Of course, not everyone loves just gym, I like gym, but I love Judo and BJJ. I started my adventure with Judo when I was 6 and already practice 37 years on the tatami also I’ve started BJJ 12 years ago as well and I’m still love grappling :slight_smile: I came back from training now so what about you guys? do you have any other addictions besides the gym?

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My father was a black belt in judo and was the first martial art I ever learnt…I fell in love with kenpo and competed world class for many years. I fought back in my country:

  • Bill super foot Wallace
  • Benny the jet Urquidez
    I learnt kenpo from Ed Parker him self. Here where I live I teach 2 classes a week in a non profit place for the kids in the area. I maintain flexibility and train it most of days
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oohh so pity about Judo but you found other way and you are happy :slight_smile: my adventure is still conitinue Judo 5th dan Degree and BJJ black belt :wink: never enough lol


Killing animals and catching fish


I have sometimes animals (idiots) on the mats lol


Ha ha ha…ohhh brother that is so excellent… you just killed me with that one ( I had to sit down)


… any other champs on board? :slight_smile:


What I’m not a champ cause I don’t do karate


but maybe you won some competition :slight_smile: not exactly from martial arts. Word champ has many meaning


Ha ha I know… my mom and girlfriend think I’m a champ


in my opinion its priceless when you are champ to family. I know so many champs from mats but out of mats they are idiots and buffoons to others and family. So you have my respect oss :wink:


so who next? we have animals, fishing, kenpo, judo or bjj, and…?


Thanks brother


if i had the time i would like to train mma. the explosiveness from training fast twitch muscles would have a good carry over to powerlifting. been doing a meadows program the last few weeks and i feel like when i get back to a strength block i will be feeling better than ever. a lot of exercises he tells you to focus on pushing as hard as you can and exploding. or having a 3 sec eccentric then exploding up. switching up training styles can be a hobby in itself since you have to learn to adapt


I have some hardware saying how great I was on a particular day ,when the really good competitors didnt decide to show up that day! I guess today I could call myself a martial artist,LOL, I begged my Momma(RIP) to put me into wrestling thinking it was WWF, So from 8 through college they wouldnt let me leave! Thank God for those mentors/coaches. Since I liked WWF , They steared me toward Greco, but eventually it all clicked. Every year I quit…for a day…practices sucked. I came up with this idea that I only need to have 1 or 2 set ups to a unstoppable takedown and a good defense, so why practice all that other stuff! I wish I would of continued and coached or something but I couldnt lose a pound because of bodybuilding.