Any one have any luck with raw?


Hey what’s up guys ? Not asking for a src just wondering if anyone has had any negative things happen with raw ? My old SRC is done for now. Thanks


We have verified sponsors at ugm that can help you with this. The only negative thing could be having to do time for trafficking.


What @Bigmurph said Both @CrazySteroids and @pureraws are G2G


Pureraws is always glad to provide pure powders if you need


Why would you recommend a source when ur a source??? Not trying to be funny but I had a g3g source but they shut down then I tried some one else and got ripped off… And I’m down to 1cc of sus so I’m kinda freaking out…I’m also running tren a and Lord knows u can’t run it alone…any help appreciated…ps I’m 33 and this is my 4th cycle


You asked if anyone had any luck with raws which is what lead us to believe you were looking for a raw source bro, if its gear you need than please email us at [email protected] with your order, our updated pricelist is on our page here on UGM


I thought the same thing. I believed that you were looking for raws but I think that you are referring to rp4u actually