Any changes or tips on diet


Im 5’10 170 lbs, 32 yrs old, currently running test-E(500mg/week) NPP(525mg/week) anavar(40mg/week) just now started the Var… I’m looking to work on my abs, I have been on this diet now for about 4 weeks. I sweat my ass off working outside Monday thru Friday and hit the gym 5 days a week also… just curious if this is something I should stay on or maybe try carb cycling… haven’t really had much experience in cutting… so any advice would be helpful… I have 2 bottles of Test-prop also if that would be better then the Enanthate I’m currently running…


What are wanting to accomplish from this cycle? Cutting or recomp? Choosing a diet plan AFTER you start the cycle isn’t a good idea… that is putting the cart before the horse. Typically you want to know if the diet plan will work without the inclusion of steroids for a purpose before implementing it. The best advice I can add without knowing more is to avoid processed foods, added sugar, high fructose corn syrup and focus your consumption on whole foods. If what you are doing is working don;t change a thing!!! :wink:

Let us know what you are looking to accomplish and maybe we can give some solid direction.

EDIT- Abs are made in the kitchen. Body fat cannot be spot burned. To get those popping abs you have to reduce your overall body fat. Typically lower abs, back and outer pecs will be the last place to lose fat once you hit a lower BF%.


Lookin to Recomp… I’m trying to fill out my abs or six pack but want to try and keep as much muscle as I can, I was just curious if eating that many carbs a day is doable or if I should carb cycle with cardio on low carb days and heavy weights on high carb days… i want the abs to
Pop so if eating all those carbs daily is shooting myself in the foot then I’m willing to risk losing a little weight to pop the abs out


Read my edit above. You can strengthen your abs by training them but they are not going to pop without reducing your overall BF%.


To the edit- Ok sorry yea that’s what I was wanting to know… I was thinkin I was eating to many carbs every day to shred the abs like I wanted




If you are recomping you want your calories to be at maintenance or just below/above based on your lifestyle and diet.

To determine maintenance calories calculate your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and develop your macro breakdown around that. There is no ‘one size fits all’. We only have guidelines to go by and make small adjustments based on personal results.


Alright I’m gonna look into TDEE and see about adjusting it to fit a little better into what I’m trying
To do! Thanks brotha