Anvil labs stepping down


Hey guys/gals I want to keep you all informed about what’s going on. So I’ve recently been dealing with some health issues that have gotten progressively worse and have now reached the point where I am unable to work due to my injury. My days now consist of doctor visits and PT. So at this time I’m unable to dedicate my time/attention to the board like I need to. I’ve decided that I should step down as a sponsor to deal with my health issues and once I’m in a better place, I’ll resume my role here as a sponsor. I’ve already spoken to @Bigmurph about my issues and I’ve got his support for my decision. I guess the point of this post is to let you all know that if you don’t see my section up anymore, it’s not because I scammed anyone or did anything shady, I’ve just got a lot going on and need to take a break. To everyone who’s done business with me, I thank you and appreciate your support. Rest assured I will return with the same excellent service/products you’ve come accustomed to expecting from me. Thanks again everyone and I can’t wait to get back to this awesome community


I hope things get better bro! Recover fast! Best wishes.


Sorry to hear! Hopefully it’s a quick and easy recovery!


Do you what you gotta do bro, the community will still be here after you’re back on your feet. Thanks for informing us. Best of luck!


I just wanted to say that I can’t wait until you return because you have been a great sponsor.
I hope that everything gets better with your health and I wish you the best moving forward.
Contact me anytime brother im always here to help
Thanks for being a great sponsor and member at


Gotta take care of #1 my friend. Then family…then let the rest fall into place. I hope everything turns out well and do take of yourself not for just you but for the loved one around ya.

Thanks for the explanation and wish the best in your recovery.


Hope all gets better brotha!


I want to thank you for the amazing deal you afforded me last month brother . Thank you and I hope all gets better with you and we get to have you back soon.


Wishing you the best, hope to see you back soon bud!


Sad to see you go brother, hope all gets better!


I haven’t been here long but have read great things about your products and service and wish you the best, get well!


Good luck my man. Sincerely hope you heal quickly and get back to what you love doing. We’ll see you again soon.


Take care brother.