Anvil labs football contest 11/25 Eagles/Giants


Giants 7
Eagles 24


@mommie2008 add your score!


Giants 24
Eagles 14


Wow @MBTJR1980 you just barely made that!

Good luck gentlemen!
Kickoff time!


Now hopefully my pick is a winner!


Let’s hope so… i’ve hit it twice back to back before! But I think we are getting more members in on this now!


Damn good picks broski!!


24 eagles
17 giants



This game is ugly


Why is it ugly, shit half the people’s giants score is gonna be way off, even mine might be and I have them gettin 30


This is what happened when you guys all bet on the eagles to beat the cowboys and only 2 people picked the cowboys (me and semperfi) this eagles team is falling apart fast
But honestly I didn’t see the giants being this far ahead


You didn’t see them ahead at all… quit talking out the side of your ass. Go stick a pin into your hip bone.:wink:


Done, and done!


I had my suspicions… but vegas odds where to much on the eagles!


After the fact rhetoric is for wannabe’s :wink:


Tough crowd!


Dam it


Good job playing guys! I’ll take that win!


Man your on a roll brotha!!


Seems like it huh? I’m just having fun doing it! Just some lucky guesses :wink: