Anvil labs football contest 11/18 Eagles/Saints


Saints 28. Eagles 9


Saints 39 Eagles 14


@Mrs-Bigmurph loved that movie and thought that the shirt is great


Saints 24
Eagles 17


Damn bigmurph you got some low expectations for those saints!


To be completely honest I just took a complete random guess.
I know that both teams are good but I don’t follow football at the nfl level anymore. They don’t play as hard as they did in the past.
Its almost like watching wwe wrestling to me. Its real but fake if that makes sense.


sure it does if your refering to watching WWF to WWE!


Eagles 34
Saints. 28


We’re I need of more votes please


No we don’t…its a two man one woman race…must win game. Don’t let your emotions muddle things up…anvil has some pretty good things. No pain at all in this scarred up body. That is rare.:grinning:


It is a great movie. There is a new one coming out soon.

Shirt fit right in with their conversation…i thought it was funny and cute!


We actually just saw it Last weekend she loved it I feel asleep but it was funny while I was awake lol


Ok, just for shits and giggles, I’ll throw my prediction in the mix. Of course mine will hold no value, since the point of this is to give back to the community. So if I’m right, the winnings would go to the runner up

Eagles 37
Saints 35

I got a feeling they’re both gonna play hard this weekend.


Wow there has got to be a lot of hope in that one! Good luck guys!


Hopefully everybody got in on this! Good luck everybody!
If you hadn’t seen my thread about the contest winnings here is a picture of what I won last week


Saints 31
Eagles 27

should be great game


Saints 36
Eagles 21


Holy crap that was a horrible game for the eagles… 48 -7

Looks like a lot of people jumped in on this contest this week good luck going threw the posted scores @Anvillabs !


Yup, gonna be sifting through the answers at some point today. I’ll post an official winner some time first glance it looks like there were a few people who got close.


Ok, so it looks like @musclegod won this week. There were a lot of entries, and from what I can see, he came the closest. So congrats bro! HMU and I’ll get your gift in the mail. I’d also like to thank everyone for participating. The Eagles got their asses whooped on Sunday, hopefully they can get it together for the rest of the season.