Answers to our stealth labels and products


We have been getting a few questions on what is semi-stealth. Semi-stealth products are labeled to prevent issues from police, landlords, girlfriends etc, finding your stash. It reduces chance of seizures as well. The products are marked so you can check and know what bottle is what.

We are not pretending to be a licensed pharmaceuticals company. We are a UGL (like most online) that focused on quality and safety. We don’t believe that it is necessary to put “name steroids” on everything and let everyone that sees the bottle know its a substance illegal in most places.

The reason we ask that no vial pictures get posted online is that we don’t want Police or Customs seeing the photos and causing us to change labels again.

If you remember the stealth satchels, most people didnt like the fact it was harder to get the full amount, and if you searched the name on the label it came up as steroids online. Our new products and procedures prevent this.

MPG Pharma
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This is brilliant, always glad to know they’re extra precautions taken to prevent certain issues.


Thank you. We are always considering the safety of our clients.


Are you guys int or local?


Have both options. 2 locations domestic and 1 international.


Truly some of the most awesome stealthiness I’ve ever seen. Wait till you purchase it and you will be blown away at how they look and the quality of the product is also top notch.


The extra measure of safety and security is appreciated @MPG


It’s great to see you vouching for these guys as well, especially since it’s not something to you do often so I know this has to be some impressive stuff.


If a source is good I’ll definitely vouche for them. I was very impressed with how they look and definitely like the product


That’s great to hear bro


Great news


Glad I saw this come up, because I had seen a stealth package received the other day in a thread… and was wondering myself what the heck a stealth package was… so thanks for the info.


Ive been saying for years everyone should change to stealth products. You see a baggy of cocaine, it wont say cocaine on it.




Seriously bro, I dont see the logic in telling everyone “hey look at all this illegal shit Im getting”. Why give yourself more problems? Cops aren’t stupid and general public knows steroids are illegal in most cases.


Said the same thing forever


I agree.

Can’t fix stupid… but you sure as hell can shoot it.

Maybe make it part of the vetting process. The more layers of security sponsors and members have the better.


We really cant expect for sponsors to change their labels. Its really up to the sponsors to provide it on their own free will. We would be way overstepping our legal boundaries if we started telling sponsors how to package their product.


Well there you go… Thats why I don’t wear an admin badge. I never even considered the liability that it would place upon you guys. If I was running the show TG and BM would be in the big house and I would be living in a country without a extradition arrangement with my home country. :wink:


To be honest I have to hold alot back I wish I could share with people here on posts for the simple reason that legally it can be construed wrong and put the site as a whole at risk because of being an Admin here.