Announcing MPG Sponsored Athlete- PHD



We are happy to announce a sponsorship for competitive bodybuilders. @PHD was one of the first to try our products on this board and now we have decided to sponsor him for all his “supplements” in his journey.


Thats is fantastic news congrats to you both @MPG and @PHD!!


Congrats @PHD!


Thanks for all you do for me @MPG. Awesome support and awesome products. Excited to see where we go next.


That’s what I am talking about! Great team and you choose wisely @MPG.

Congratulations @PHD for picking up a sponsor.


Congrats to @MPG and @PHD


This is a solid sponsor relationship I can’t believe that no one already was sponsoring @PHD great gear to use
@MPG great athlete to sponsor

Caught my interest


@Bigmurph you know I’m shocked no other sponsor came to me to be honest. But I’m happy with @MPG definitely a great decision and an easy one at that.


Awesome choice @MPG, congrats bro @PHD. Excited to see what’s in store for you guys next.


Think we all saw this coming :wink: congrats brother. Great combo.


I was thinking the exact same thing @Bigmurph since I joined. I will say that any sponsor that was considering it and didn’t pull the trigger missed a great opportunity. Knowing @PHD no nonsense style I bet he is pretty picky about who he makes his bed with. Not jumping on the first opportunity. That says a lot about @MPG


Congrats that is amazing


Congrats @PHD and @MPG!


There was never a question of it when we asked him if he was sponsored yet :slight_smile:

Im really surprised how other sponsors didn’t ask him also. We were happy to provide him with some of his gear before the last contest and his responses and his win. His pro card should be soon we are behind him 100% of the way!


I can’t wait to see all your products from the sneak peek i just took and the fact that your minimum purchase is very very reasonable along with what’s available and the whole concept behind your products id be ordering as we speak if you weren’t on back orders. Wish You nothing but the best and look forward to becoming a loyal customer/fan.