Androchem I love it nandrolone base 50mg/ml


I have to give a shout out to my man @NandroXL and his androchem brand this stuff shots so smooth and I just injected the nandrolone base as a PWO and I’m about to go kill it right now.
I really like this 50mg/ml nandrolone base.

Review to come only have about 3 ml left.

Thanks @NandroXL the androchem was the right Choice and the nandrolone base you were right its great for someone like me who likes nandrolone.


I need to try it. I love tren and deca . I have not dabbled too much with other compounds bc i believe in the old tried and true methods . Deca dbol and tren baby. So how does this compare? Good booster?


I love it when I workout after using a ml its like non stop and I feel huge after the workout


Is that nandrolone base water and does it use guaiacol? If so, I’m out. Can’t do that nasty smelling shiite


Nope no gluicol and it’s in gso actually
Androchem is a really good brand


Hmm now you’ve peaked my interest.


I hear nandrolone Base is amazing! I’m gonna have to give this a go


You will really enjoy it and after the super sized workout you put in you feel like a MONSTAR


Its nice


Thx boss for review …didint see post earlier


Is oil base with out guiacole.
I thingso is mix with EO
They have also tren base


I like eo


Me too. Easy to do injection … 26-30 g