Recently I purchased Anavar from a very good source from this board. I was looking around and saw a video from a guy who is very well known on YouTube for his AAS educational videos. He said that almost all Anavar is fake because it costs so much to produce. He said that in the real world, it would cost upwards of 1000 for a couple months worth. Does anyone know if this is true or not? The link to the video is below.


If you allow me the question is pressed tabs or liquid?


Fake gear used to be alot worse on the market. I once saw on Phil Hernons board someone selling bottles of anavar and did some research on the product. I found the same product sold in bulk online from another source for $10 a bottle. All bunk shit. The source knew he was selling fake gear but didnt care.

Now in certain cases you need consider the real cost of high dollar raws and people that cut them down. Substituting product for product with similar results. For example putting Winstrol (a cheap raw) in place of a higher seller or putting 50% dosage and filler with winstrol etc. To bring prices down. People purchasing will still get some results but they arent getting what they pay for.

Then if you order pharma gear you need to think about what is really pharma or what is high quality UGL. Balkan labs is a real pharma licensed facility that is no different then a UGL in terms of quality and production line.

Its really hard to say what is fake and what is real judging by cost also. Sometimes its the raw suppliers that fuck people over too. So the UGL pays for a high dollar product and gets a lower quality or different item. But this isnt just a problem with anavar. its a problem with any steroid.

Best thing is to purchase from a supplier you trust and hope they dont change their source if they have valid raws.
Buy a roid kit

and test it. Maybe work out a deal with a supplier in advance for a discount if you record a test and post it here the results and what you tested. Similar to the way some do discounts for bloodwork.

Let me edit this in. Alot less fakes are on the market now since people have access to test the products. We used to have to pay nearly $700 to test a single product. Then in time more places got cheaper and then these kits came out.


Adding to TG’s post… RoidTest will not provide you with the concentration but it does provide you with a degree of accuracy if the compound is contained in the product you test.

I started using these a few years ago randomly and now using them with all new suppliers. Weird thing… I have never found a source providing a product that does not contain the compound advertised (at least to give a positive).


Pastor, it’s capsules. 25mg


Yes a full analysis is way more complicated then a substance test and needs a qualified lab to test it.


okay, i was asking cause some liquid orals may contain alcohol and you might have a bad reaction to it…i did not long ago, i got alcohol poisoned from it…mainly cause my digestive system is very sensitive