Anavar Roidtest results. Had it failed we would have lab tested it


Hope everyone is doing well! Since we had 2 of our 500+ clients question our anavar we decided to test it. Had it failed the roidtest we would have lab tested it. At this point (and it was even confirmed with the reps at RoidTest to be good results for Anavar we will not send for a spec test.

Here is a Roidtest of our anavar. We used test b and test c . Both showed it to be spot on.

Color to look at Oxandrolone - Test C (15min)


That is a positive test. Nice to see a sponsor testing.


Not good enough on another board. To be honest like I said there. We have sold 6.7k doses of it and only 2 (who are friends apparently) say its no good? Whats good for one may not be for another.

We test all our raws. If anything failed (which none to this day have) we most certainly would have lab tested it. Our raw source is VERY confident and offers us credit for the test. We have worked with him for a very long time. Calculations are done with a raw calculator from a pill press manufacture and we even sent them our calculations and they are verified to be spot on.

I will leave it at that and move on.

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Its great you test your raw powders and have precise measurements for your tabs to ensure the proper weight. Even with a roidtest testing positive for the hormone and a precise measuring technique if the raw powder quality is not there than all your efforts are for not. Like many sources you are at the mercy of your raw supplier.

It is the nature of the game… the individual is at the mercy of the source… the source is at the mercy of the raw product supplier.