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i dont usually post much but ihave to chime in here .i have been using gear for around 15 years and done drol plenty of times and i have used paramexers drol on 2 occasions now and love them.made very solid gains n strength through roof .currently running them now also with 600mg test and feel great n strong.Also a friend of mine did a cycle of paramexers and blew up…also all the different sponsors i tried through years never felt my heart beating out my chest lol,not to say that doesnt happen to [email protected] through my experiences certain people dont react to certain gear while others will.Just putting my review in paramexers drol is good to go and hes def a top notch straight up source!!!


Glad it worked out for you , but my experience with “2 different batches” produced no noticeable size gain and with the second batch I started at 50mg daily increasing 25mg by week 4 I was at 125mg and I still was not getting that good pump in the gym , I wasn’t seeing no results or no side effects you should see at that high of a dose so I just gave it up , I was able to do a roid test and they did test positive for anadrol only problem is thats all the test was capable of telling me , I’ve taken 50mg of drol in the past and watched my body grow overnight, I was an animal in the gym and by the 4th week it was time to call the quits , guess I just received a bad batch both times , it happens


Appreciate reading your feedback, just like we have been talking about in other threads it’s good to see positive and negative reviews. Thanks for sharing


Why would we even roidtest…what do think is going on? 5mg of ANADROL per cap. This is why I wonder about the material. I read there is a " cheaper way to synthesize Anavar from DHT. I can’t find if its not as good from that route. I’m glad you tested it. Even if the original source cuts 10g of oxymethelone by half. Then SRC caps it. It should of been 25mg? 15 mg? You should of felt something at 4 a day…I would of taken 10. I’m gonna make this a topic…believe me I’m not messing with you. I’ve thought for years somethings wrong. Old school Mexican halo worked awesome. Had to take 20 a day at 2mg . now we are seeing real testing come back in qualitative tests and still no effect. If there was 2mg of oxymethelone in a cap the amt you put in a roidtest is so small you would have to be very lucky to get oxymethelone in your sample. Why would we do a qualitative test. Even if a I was a women or competing I’d rather have the full mg amount of dbol than 2mg of Anavar…if its suppos ed to be 50mg.


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