Anadrol experience 🤦🏻‍♂️👎🏼


Back in June after losing contact with my normal supplier I came across paramexer at ugmuscle and decided to give it a shot , I wasn’t familiar with the forum yet and being it was a new source I was definitely skeptical . After the initial contact with paramexer I was somewhat at ease and it felt right to chose him to make my order with , I was nearing the end if my 14 week break and was looking to run another basic cycle if just test and anadrol being I had such good results with my previous cycle of test 400 @ 600mgs a week for 12 weeks and 50mg anadrol a day for the first 4 weeks (see avatar for results this are pics from day 1 and day 28 :sunglasses::muscle:t3:) anyway I still had some test so I just needed the anadrol after paying the $40 have my order overnighted I was advised by paramexer due to my location he would not be able to overnight it and he would just give me fre shipping on my next order to make up for it ( I still haven’t made that second order) I still received my package within 3 days 100 anadrol 25mg 100 winstrol 25mg 100 anavar 25 mg , I started my cycle the day I received my package my cycle was 600mg Test E a week with 50mg anadrol daily for first 4 weeks just a basic cycle , well that was the plan , on the 7th day if my cycle the anadrol still didn’t kick in yet so I’m the second week I uped it to 75mg still nothing and by this time on my last cycle I was an animal in the gym I don’t take pre work out the anadrol acted as a ore work out for me 2 hour balls to the wall sessions and still felt like I didn’t do enough so for me to still be sluggish around the gym I knew something had to be up so I messaged paramexer and without hesitation he sent me another batch of 100 at 25mg we’ll the capsules were different colors anyway so I decided to wait a decent amount of time before giving them a try I started that batch on 10-01-18 at 50mg a day uping it 25mg weekly as the results were the same as I had with the first batch after week 4 at 100mg and still no results no muscle pump no strength gain nothing so I said what the he’ll and defy to take 6 25mg capsules 150mg and I should have had the best work out in my life or my heart beating out my chest but still nothing , I never had them officially tested but I can say with my past experience with anadrol they were wayyyyyyyyg under dosed bucause when I did my test 400 and anadrol cycle the first time 50mg a day turned me into an animal at the gym (I would always take the drol 45min before I went to gym) and by week 4 My body couldn’t handle no more but since my last order with paramexer I have reached out to try to place another order with paramexer to give it a shot in his oils​:point_left:t2: No pun intended :joy: and I received no response , just sharing my experience with the forum In case it could help another member in the future


Thanks @Easley92 for sharing. I am going to @Bigmurph and @paramexer

I do not like hearing that members are dissatisfied and I am certain the Sponsor and BM do not either.


the last message i have in my wire in our thread is from me to you in july. i never heard back on the second batch i sent you. i haven’t had other negative feedback on anadrol caps and there are positive roidtest results in my section from same supplier. would you like to message me about figuring out a solution?


We very much appreciate your review we always need to know what’s going on good or bad


Check your proton that what I’ve been messaging , and it really wasn’t a big deal but the first time I messaged you about it you told me I needed to take them correctly instead if thinking it was bad gear , I’ve always took anadrol 45 min before training as it worked as a pre work out for me since I haven’t found a pre work out I like , but I just got around to trying the second batch starting at 50mg daily the first week then 75 daily the second week 100mg daily 3rd week and I finally just tried taking 6 150 mg and was still sluggish at the gym finally I just gave it up and I wasn’t going to contact you again 4 months later complaining about the gear that you assured me was good gear and I wasn’t feeling the full effects because I wasn’t split dosing , and I’m not saying they won’t pass a roid test but with my experience with drol in the past I believe the ones I received was wayyyyy under dosed , in the past I had to quit the drol after 4 weeks at just 50mg a day cuz my body couldn’t handle it anymore but I started out at 50mg upping it 25mg a week until and tried taking 150mg on week 4 and in those 4 weeks I didn’t get that pump in the gym like in the past or notice any kind if strength gain like in the past either and you have good reviews and alit if happy customers that’s why I started second guessing myself and took a break before trying the second batch and after this past month I no longer second guess myself and now that I’m getting more involved with the forum then I was before I like to get more active with the community and members and hopefully my reviews will help the members along with sponsors picking up any loose slack I’m not saying I wouldn’t order from you again but I wouldn’t order orals from you with my past experience im not knocking your gear or trying to drive any future customers away but I’m leaving my honest review and the drol just didn’t meet my expectations bud


That’s honest. I think you’ll find a solution. I always wondered about caps and fillers mixed up and then put together. I would rather weigh it as grains and take it that way…but that would be tedious. I only got to try a few adrol from Paramexer. I thought it was good but after years of this I guess going up to 3 or 4 would at least give you a headache.


Yea if I woulda never had good drol in the past I wouldn’t have known any better and yea for 50mg caps you would split 1 Gram into 20 different caps or 40 different caps if you were make 25mg so you talking a few grains in each cap and the rest being a filler. You really need to have your :poop: together to make sure they are all consistent or I’m sure you would end up with 5mg in this cap 100mg in this cap and so on , I think it would be more consistent in a liquid oral and probably more easier for sponsors to achieve the correct mg if the don’t have enough experience in cao filling


I am trying to get a solid answer. I know someone with a good scale…so 1 grain is 65mg. It could be so tiny and differs with different mole weight. Could someone measure out lets say ANADROL and just swallow the powder or cap it? 1000mg is 15gn…that never changes.


i do not have any emails from you in any of my three accounts. i’m still sticking behind the gear. i started making my own oils and caps because i was sick of not knowing what i was getting. i have a lot of people backing the anadrol and i have used it a lot in my past. it’s one persons word against another. not sure how i would be on this board if i was sending out bullshit to people here and there. i have witnessed some people do some crazy things this year using nothing but caps


Well I’ve had the honor to try good anadrol in the past and (6) 25mg anadrol should have had my heart beating out my chest that should have been wayyyyy to much , and thats fine I understand you stand behind your gear who wouldn’t , but from my past experience with anadrol those are far from 25mg and since making this post I’ve also had other member message me stating they thought they received under dosed gear from you also so I know it’s not just me , I’m not saying it’s outright fake gear but from my past experience and my OPINION ONLY it’s wayyyyy under dosed


I sent you messages on October 19, 20, & 21


i’ve personally had a lot of issues with protonmail since the summer which is why i switched to tutanota. i check it periodically but i apologize i didnt see your messages otherwise we may have had something worked out already.


I can vouch for that actually…I’m not trying to be a shill…but just was a fact. I must mention I told you it would all get better😎


This is the second time today i’ve heard that there are people or sponsors having issues with protonmail, I’m not nor have I but I would be curious if there is anybody else claiming to having issues?


I have a paid protonmail and no problems on that one. But my free one did have issues.


If you don’t mind me asking without to much info, what was your issues with the free proton account?


Ha ha of course the free ones are havin issues


Yea I use proton for everything and haven’t had any problems, that’s how I communicate with all sponsors here and other associates


Yea that’s fine I wasn’t making a post to try and have you send me more stuff , I accepted it as it was and moved in but I’m not not going to decline an offer either , I was just sharing my experience with other members and new members to come along with other sponsors if they could learn or take anything from it


Sending emails would get stuck as sent but didnt recieve them to my other protonmail account. When refreshing the list it would later show not sent. I did a few “forgot password” resets and didnt get those till hours later.