Am I becoming crazy?


I often came back from the gym with a question in my head “ some are idiots or maybe I’m going crazy”.
Here is the situation at the gym that I met very often. Few members, begin to train chest average weight of them is 115lbs-150lbs, on the bench 110lbs and imagine that they start screaming like push up weight of 440lb!! but this isn’t over, after each series they stand in front of the mirror and also shouting like idiots? !!! Most of the gym members are laughing at them, but by those idiots I cannot concentrate myself at all, someone told me that this is called modern gym. WTF ??? I understand music, push shout to maximum weights but each push and all session like that? horror
Do you have that in your gym? better farts than those screaming lol
And what so much irritated you at your gym?


They are everywhere :slight_smile: you are normal , dont worry


I get the whole entire gym for myself, not a soul in it when I train just my wife and me…is paradise…I will be having 5 different stations free weights and machines and I have no interruptions what so ever…just paradise


Thats nice , i have like that only sunday morning rest of the week is full.:slight_smile:


I’m missing to old skool gym ;(


Those people are fkn tools! They crave attention. Dont let them distract you bro its bad gym behavior and is the reason most gyms are trying to get rid of bodybuilders plus they are the reason people think we are meatheads all muscle no brains! I can outlift most people and you will never see my yelling and screaming like a fkn moron. My rage is internal and i take it out on the weights every set is a battle between me and the cold steel ill die before i give up :smiling_imp:


no I even not distract myself and even them because i will stop laughing from other members no way, lol, sometimes is funny but most of time their shout completely killing me, modern gym pfffff…


yes the are trying to get rid of… gymtimidation…and the ungyms…hmmmm i wonder what gym THAT might be? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


listen ,i use to imagine all sorts of things i would like to do or say to them .you will get 1 any where you go unless you train at home ,you have to train your mind in this situation to ignore them .god loves us all thats what i tell my self plus my head phones ,dont look at them .either have a word with staff or find out what time they train if its regular and go diffrent time ,i have learnt a long time ago to just make things easy for my self ,its not cowardley .its just less stress so i cna give all to my session ,if not move to another gym ,but there will always be one ,train your mind to ignore ,god loves them also ,it will eat away at you if you let it ,you have the choice to ignore .or move or ask the staff ,train your mind ,no matter where you train you will be strong in mind ,god bless ,


Gotta at my gym too. Most of 'em are younger…teens and maybe a few early twenties. I don’t get either. The only thing I can see why is maybe they like to draw attention to themselves?..I don’t know but anyway you look at it I kind of find it comical. I don’t remember that far back but I hope I never did anything like that.

Have any of you guys heard of a ‘lunk alarm’?


ohh yeah “lunk alarm” I have a few guys who always throw weights on the floor or even the machine block weights, always doing to pay attention. It is a pity that they are experienced bodybuilders, but as @Busa said God loves everyone :slight_smile:


Yea well I never heard of it until a few months ago. Apparently they have them at a nation wide fitness chain and I’ve heard that the alarm can be activated even if you grunt too loud.


…not that I am a grunter…grunters can be obnoxious.