Alpha omega labs verified sponsor


We have a new verified sponsor at I would like everyone to welcome Alpha Omega Labs or to They are a sponsor that has proven to be an upstanding sponsor in the community across different forums and we are happy to have them at UGM.
I would like to say welcome to UGM brother @AlphaOmega.




Welcome bro!! @AlphaOmega is a solid guy and will do great for this community. I’m actually going to be running some of his stuff and will be able to give some first hand reviews for UGM.

I will also be running bloods after 4-5 weeks.


Thank you for the invite! We are excited to be here! We will need a day or 2 to get setup here and used to navigating the forum layout.


If you have any questions just contact me here anytime brother im always here to help to help with anything.


I have used @AlphaOmega TestC and TNE. It is G2G. Revelation, my nickname for AOL, is helpful, humble and a straight shooter. It is nice to see him become a part of UGM.

Revelation, Welcome…There are some solid sources here at UGM that you are competing with so you better bring your A-game. :wink:


Welcome !!!


welcome to the board @AlphaOmega


Welcome @AlphaOmega great to
Have you


Welcome to the UGM family happy to have another great source here!


Use code AOLBULK for 20% off your order! This will end Nov 4th!


Backed by bloods too, right???


He has posted blood work on another forum (MG) in my section there :wink:




Welcome to the boards


For a list please email [email protected]. any orders needing placed should be directed to [email protected] . If you would like to use our website please head over to

Once we are done with todays orders we will sit and introduce ourselves. Thanks everyone!




We are upgrading services on here so we have our own section. I will post up when this is finished. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes!


Welcome…this is a great board to be in :muscle:


Welcome. The website looks nice!


Welcome…can’t wait to try some goods.