Advice on dosage


I’m getting ready to start my first cycle. I’m ordering a10 ml of 300mg test cyp. I also have my trt test cyp. At 120 per week. Should i run a 10 week cycle at 420 per week or a 12 week at 300 per week? Also is it ok to pin once a week or can I do 300 Monday then 120 Thursday. I’m looking to keep my trt on track with my prescription pickups. I’m running it with 50 mg tbol. Any suggestions? I’m sure it gets easier as I go with everything. Thanks ugfam!


What are you trying to accomplish? Your stats would also be helpful? Age? How long you have been trainig? Weight? Bf%? Height? Hows your diet and training? Cant help without all the info my man


Sorry man. This was supposed to have been added to a previous post. I’m lacking sleep today. I’m 30 been training 9ish years. 12 percent body fat. 218lbs at 5’11. Looking to add some lean gains and strength. I was gonna just run the 300 with tbol but then I’d have extra from my trt. So why not utilize it is what I’m thinking. I should also add I eat extremely clean at a 40 pro 35 carb 25 fat ratio. Around 3000 cal a day keeps me at maintenance Level.


No prob bro in understand being tired lol yeah i would def use the trt test along with the 300mg test. Remember that healthy males make about 200-250mg of test a week and once you start using exogenous testosterone your body’s own production will halt so you are basically just replacing your body’s with synthetic at 250-300mg shot a week. That really isnt gonna get you growing much at all so id suggest at least 500mgs more like 600mgs a week since you arent technically a novice if you are already injecting test for trt. If you are gonna stack t-bol with it then you can get away with less test. Do the 420mgs a week split it into 2 shots say half Monday and half Thurs then start with 40mgs a day of t-bol. You can up t-bol after a couple weeks to 50 or 60mgs a day if you feel the need. Make sure to slowly add calories mostly from carbs and healthy fats around your workout meals to get you growing maybe extra100cals pre and 100 cals pwo every week or two depending on progress. Eat clean and balanced dont forget to stay on the cardio too as itll dictate what kind of gains you make plus its good for your heart which is the most important muscle in your body. Hope this help my man good luck :facepunch:t2:


It does help. Thanks a bunch man. I guess I was just trying to avoid the math since my trt dose is 0.6ml of 200mg once a week and I was planning on taking 1ml of 300mg of test cyp. a week. It’s probably not the best idea to take unequal doses. I’m not math guy at all lol.


Ever cycled before? Age?, weight?, dietary habits?, strength training routine?, goals for this cycle?