Achive your muscle and body building goals!


Make a Nutrition Plan:
It’s important to understand that if you’re not eating and drinking properly, your body won’t be able to deal with the stress and exhaustion. All the exercising in the world won’t achieve anythingif you don’t control your nutritional intake alongside it.
So you have to be aware of the number of calories you burn vs. the calories you consume. And the calories consumed must be from healthy sources; in a proper balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.Make sure to focus on all sorts of meat, because to gain muscle mass;meat is a must.
Another important thing to keep in mind is that the timing of the meals matters too. So you should eat2 hours before your exercise and within 2 hours after your exercise.

Organize Your Workout:
How can you reach your goal if you’re not even clear on what your goal exactly is? Get yourself organized and figure out what you’re going to be doing on what day, and for how long too. Each exercise deserves a specific time to be allotted to it, and you cannot just aimlessly do whatever you want to whenever you want to. If you have an aim, you need a step by step structured plan on how to reach that aim.

Hereare some of the things you should make sure your plan has:

Your training should be consistent; that means no skipping any exercises, ever.
Work hard and often on exercises that address your entire body.
However, don’t just stick to exercises for the entire body; incorporate exercises that are specifically designed for the goal you’re trying to achieve.
Do not maintain the same level of difficulty; slowly go on increasing the exercise prescriptions, e.g. increase the time of the exercise, the number of weights, etc.

Stick to Cardio:
Many people believe that if they’re doing specific exercises to gain muscle in specific areas, then there isn’t any need for cardioanymore. Wrong! While cardio might not be the front-runner in the list of exercises that help you gain muscle, it sure is one of the guaranteed exercises to help you lose fat.
Not all cardio involves running. Here’s a routine you can simply followin the weight room:

Start off with 15 reps atthe chest press, followed by15 reps each of the low row, overhead press, and pull-down.
Do not take any long breaks; keep your breaks to a bare minimum in between shifting from one exercise to the next.
Don’t just stop there; do at least two or three rounds of the same routine. This will get your heart rate to skyrocket.

Top 3 Exercises to Build Muscle All Over:
Barbell Squat:this exercise primarily focuses on your thigh and leg muscles. Begin with a barbell resting on your traps, stand facing forwards, with your legs open and your feet facing outwards. Lower yourself by flexing your knees, don’t move your hips backward, instead ensurethat your knees move forward. Continue lowering yourself till your upper legs touch your lower legs, and then start moving upwards inreverse. Through out the process, make sure all the weight lies on your heel and nowhere else.
Pull-ups:this exercise is an all-rounder when it comes to upper body strength! To start, open your arms wide and grip the pull-up bars firmly with bothhands, and make sure your hands won’t slip. There isn’t much science to this exercise; the next step is simply to center your body weightand try pulling yourself up as far as you can till your chin reaches the bar. If you keep at it, pull-ups will become a regular part ofyour routine, even though they might seem tough at the start.
Abs Roller:now that we’ve discussed upper body and lower body muscle building exercises, the next step is to focus on your abdomen muscles. The best exercise to do is the abs roller. Start off by kneeling on the ground with the ab roller held firmly and on the ground in frontof you. Now simply roll the roller straight ahead, as far as you can without letting your body touch the ground. Take a pause in thatposition and then pull yourself back up into your initial position.Keep your abs tight throughout the whole rep.

Now that you know exactlywhat to do, what are you still sitting there for? Get up and runafter your goals soldier!


I love my pull ups, hated them when I was active-duty but love em now, and it’s anazing how very few people I see at the gym do them, or the two guys I go with, both stronger then me on things like benching, but can’t do more then 3 pull ups!


Great info here. Thanks for the post.