I was just answering a post on this topic on another forum and thought it was necessary to make a few things clear.
Rectus abdominis, which is the muscle we called the 6 pach; that is only 1 muscle and it goes from the ribs to the hips. Every muscle has an outside coating of conjunctive tissue (epimysium), this particular muscle has a very unique looking epimysium design to have support all along the way where there is no bones to attach to. Now the bio mechanics of this muscle are simple. first of all all core muscle are positional then secondary they have biological functions ( breath, digestion, urination,defecation and a few others). This muscle simply brings the hips to the thorax or the opposite . Abdominal muscles dont reach the femur …still you will see a lot of people moving their legs to work out their abs…mhhh!!
Like any other muscle at the surface of our bodies the visibility of them depend on a few things: water on top of epinysium, amount of fat, thickness of dermis, thickness of epidermis. Let’s focus on the fat and water which are what affect the most the look of the muscle(leanness) There is no set of abs exercises that will reach Krebs cycle and use fat as source of energy, so it will always be anaerobic…no way to burn fat by doing abs; fat and unwanted water can only go by dieting properly and doing FAT BURNING CARDIO ( not just any moving around activity, may not have the proper intensity). Another very important issue is hypertrophy of this muscles …like any other muscle they grow and they are always , always working while we train; a lot of people train their abs with weight…is necessary to be careful, you dont want the upper insertion to grow so far out that makes your lower chest look smaller; there is a lot of bubble guts out there now with the use of GH (even intestinal muscle grows). you dont want your obliques to grow so far out that they make you look square .
Having a lean mid-section is the work of diet and fat-burning cardio…mechanical work requires proper measurements, balance and a bit of knowledge. God bless you all.


Good post brother, I use to hate doing abs now I love it, perhaps cause I actually have some now!!


Thanks for sharing @Pastor. I agree with the majority of the post but I have to disagree with the idea that you need to incorporate ‘fat burnin cardio’ to reduce body fat to get the fine 6 or 8 pack finish. If the body is using fat as fuel due to diet specifications or nutrient timing there is no need to use ‘fat burning cardio’. It certainly is an option but it is not the ONLY option.

There is always more ways than one to skin a cat. :cat: