About UGM


Shouldnt be picking up now. I was testing it and doing modifications for non logged in users vs ads. Its not a trojan but is a script that monetizes based on cpu.

Idea was that it generates site revenue to cover costs from non logged in lurkers.


OK, thanks for clearing that up.


No problem. Sorry I didnt post about testing it early. Messaged @PHD and @Bigmurph when started but forgot to post here. I really dont want ads cluttering the site and prefer people login and become members. We get alot of traffic that never logins and just reads thru everything. So for them I want to be able to monetize them and hopefully make enough to cover server costs monthly. Been testing it for past couple hours. Didnt consider the script will still show to logged in users whether actively running or not.


I was just checking to see if Original Steroid is a verified source here, they just got hacked.
I noticed that we dont appear to have all of our verified sources all in one simple to find list.
If I click on the verified source tab at the top of the page we get just 7 sources listed.

Am I doing that wrong, or is there room for improvement there.


No original is not verified with us.
I saw and its a problem over money they need to pay there employees especially if they have mass information about customers. It happened to naps also almost the same situation.

Our verified src list is changing and srcs that were there are no longer. We don’t have a ranking system and thats why we don’t have alot of srcs because if there verified there good.

The number hopefully will go up another 3 srcs soon. I’ve been getting alot of scam srcs trying to get verified lately. You know that we have had a couple of good ones look into verification recently