This is our TRT or Testosterone replacement therapy category. This category is for all and any related questions about TRT or HRT which Hormone replacement therapy for a man or woman can come with a lot of questions.
We don’t give any medical advice but we can give you friendly advice and our opinions to try and help out but we do always recommend seeing the proper doctor for your situation and to also get a full blood hormone panel. I would suggest privatemedlabs.com or something close unless you are going to do the smart thing and go see your endocrinologist.


Or an ND that specializes in hormone replacement therapy. In my experience endo’s are stuck in a cookie cutter system and prisoners of the health insurance carriers. ND’s are open minded and think outside the box.



I will be honest I was wondering why I kept seeing trt,hrt questions in general or cycles.
Then I noticed that somehow our trt,hrt category wasn’t on the list.
I couldn’t believe that we didn’t have a trt section.
Im glad that I put in alot of work today with the site.