AAS at a young age?


Fun though. Built a big base with milano to brovel to loeffler to Ttokyo test 400 that I still have an abcess scar. Deposterona, sten, to all the fake, real counterfeit, organon and humatrope. I haven’t been there for a long while but we trained so fuckin hard and ate rat shit if I heard dean Caputo did, that it didn’t matter what was in all that shit and I think it all was primo testiin depot, which for years I thought was primobolan. S.p.a anavar. I gotta write the book. I was so naive but there was comraderie at meets and shows. The closest call I had was when “Pedro” pulled out maxibolan tabs. It was discontinued before my day but had a folklore, I think I might of vsold by baseball card collection to get every tab there was…then walking back!!! Tank tops or sweats with the neckline cut out to show the traps, everything screaming pull me out of line, pull me out of line, all I have is some pottery and a fake silver chain for my girl!! lOL


That’s a great start bro diet is the key to everything and once you get your diet dialed in you’ll be able to make great gains just off of that. That is one thing also I would say that you should probably be 15% or less when starting a cycle. Unless you’re into powerlifting or a sport that requires you to carry extra body fat it’s definitely a good idea when you run to run out of the lowest body-fat possible. Then during your cycle add to your body fat and weight to make those gains really come in.
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