AAS at a young age?


So just wanting to start a topic that I have seen in every other board as I’m 21. Information always helps even though it’s dangerous and we could possibly sticky it with help of @Bigmurph

My thoughts have been test E of 16weeks. Or test ace or prop for a short run.


So your system doesn’t fully finish developing until around 25. In all reality everyone should wait until around 35-40 to even use aas. I believe that unless you make money off the way you look or compete on stage or as an athlete you really have no need for it but with that being said so many still use why because we all want instant gratification.
I used at a really early age because my football coach pushed it on us. Then I didn’t use from 23 until I was 32 again I then ran 3 cycles and now I blast and cruise due to my test levels not coming back also because I like to look good.
I see on so many other boards they preach no advice dont use until 25 thats the way it should be but I would rather tell a 23 yr old dont run that crazy cycle and help them out with advice rather then say sorry I won’t help you because you’re to young.
There going to do it anyway and its there body and there are very serious consequences that can happen dont ever think that aas is safe its just like anything it has good and bad in it. Even used responsibly it can really mess you up. So about the age I dont even think its about what age you are but its a decision if you’re willing to roll the dice just to get an extra edge when in reality its your diet and training not the gear that determines the outcome


Any info you could give them @Bigmurph @TrenGod @Fitraver @MBTJR1980 , or anybody…body fat, how long you been lifting,your goals, weight, height, would help.


Save everyone some time and give some background and reasoning for wanting to do this. Train, eat, get a good base …plateau then make the decision. I am sure anyone who has some knowledge will give the same advice. Are you looking for dosages? Usually I’m very interested in helping and love to joke around. I started way younger, different time I wish I had known anything but I was an elite powerlifter and wrestler… Clean, won the teen meets, started lifting at 13, wrestling at 8. Did anavar and DECA and test at 16, won nationals, 17 the same. Til 20 did one cycle a year , no pct. Lots of damage the next twenty years, most people like myself competition is king. So many guys " just wanna get back some muscle, whatever, 10 years later they are still on. The goals you stated can be achieved and already sounded like they were achieved naturally. You mentioned to me one thing that really shows me( I’m one little speck of sand in the big picture) I’m really trying to throw this out for you and anyone else who hasn’t started just a little test and 10 cycles later, asking about effective doses of tren, GH , letrozole, can I do t3 and t4? As I told you I’m pro drugs, if I had to chose a stance but there is still a right way to go about it. I am not flaming you but giving you my truth. Everyone is welcome, that’s why this forum is great and maybe I’m an old man jealous that you’re 21. No when you my age you want to be 30LOL.


Shit they posted first!!! I knew it.


Thank you…voice of reason.


Lol I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. So when I started I was 15. My neighbor was bodybuilding and started training me. It seemed like the only way I’d get his size was doing it. This was back before forums and all we had was books, Dan duchaine, and muscular development magazine. I was off and on a bit. But by college I was on everything and just loved it. I have no regrets of doing that while I was in college but I do about when I was still in high school.

In college I stayed cut on tren year around. I loved the attention more then anything. I never had a desire to turn pro or compete. I just loved the sport. I liked the dieting, training daily, the overall lifestyle. Fast forward 20 years I still love it but its not a priority to me any longer. Family & friends is first, work, then gym. I had a blast in my 20’s and early 30’s. It also built confidence that helped my in overall life.

Would I recommend it for someone your age? Can’t say yes or no. Because I don’t know what you want out of it. If I was 20 again I’d do it all over again but higher cycles. About 10 years back was when I finally went over 1 gram test as a base and my growth kicked in like crazy. I remember being depressed and I messaged a guy I looked up to privately on a popular forum and asked him what I was doing wrong. He laughed and said for the size I wanted and what i had available I had to stop listening to the guys claiming low dosages and always have a base of 1gram test a week. Best advice I ever took at the time.

I always reference back to this for people that ask questions regarding how much is too much to take.

And with that being said when I was on 2-3 grams a week of test, tren, mast, some insulin also in there, I looked great. But I felt like shit. I remember having to run a short distance to get something for someone and started having trouble breathing and weezing… I got winded on a couple flights of stairs but hey I was vascular, largest I’d ever been with abs. After that run I decided to cycle back down and never went that high. I just didn’t have a reason to put myself thru that any longer. I didnt even compete.

No one can make the decision for you. But if you do it, your training and diet needs to be in check. Otherwise you’d waste your time.


@TrenGod That’s honestly close to my view men. Have no desire to compete just enjoy the lifestyle. There have been many things I have been into then later on have no interest but lifting has always been there with high and lows. I was really really weak when I started even though bf was high “Girls would out bench me tbh hahaha”. Anyways ppl who know me have come to realize lifting tends to take priority untill I got married that shit got crazy. Stopped meal prepping and training only once or twice a week. When before it would be one rest day a week if that and 3 maybe 4hr sessions. So I do see this being part of a lifetime thing so I’m willing to sacrifice the risks. Just looking on the best way Todo it since I’m new to the game.


Also I wasn’t trying to make this post about me just general info I was confused for a long time still don’t know allot. I’ve read allot even crazy stuff like ppl recommended hgh over test for first cycle. My purpose was for the vets to come in and hijack this thread and give a good base of knowledge. I started investigiating aas because I had allot of ppl ask me if I was on gear. All I had to say was no eat right train hard there’s no easy way to gain muscle except genetics play a factor. I got curious and only ppl I had to get advice where ppl benching 305+ that wanted me to try tren for first cycle or run oral only. No advice on pct liver support noothing just here run it. Why I have no clue maybe there guinea pig. Just trying to make it safe for ppl like me. @rnmuscle @TrenGod @Bigmurph @John


great advices. good reads!


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Much better @Whitehat134, go back and read the other text. I still would wait, but there’s no magic number. With that being said…Sergio oliva sr. RIP told me and a couple young bucks and I’m paraphrasing…don’t worry about this or that name, it dosage. Make sure its good and take what you have ,try tovswitch. We were all trying to get the popular fake bolasterone(was a real tab) but this was 88 and there were three or 4 " designer drugs" out. Bottom line find the dosages that work for you body and goals, take time off cycle, I explained that one IMO. I for one, truly believe that I was too strong too fast and too much EQ and winstrol. @trengod you of of the cut of someone that probably knows at some point you have to give your " pound of flesh" maybe it was wheezing and feeling like shit. I know even though I cried like a bitch, 2 hernia surgeries, bilateral triceps rupture 3 years apart, surgery, patellar tendon and posterior cruciate ligament x 2 ( one from squat, one from thinking I could play softball 10 years later at 265) victor Martinez, and branch warren had that ordeal. Maybe it wasn’t from starting young. The infection and abscesses definitely were from the prep. Bath in alcohol, as soon as the needle pierces the skin and all the bacteria get in there, luck of draw. Add dieting and a body that’s processing a couple or more grams of stuff. Get out the antibiotics. I say get back to where you were 218, be consist an t, eat pretty good, train better and then take the plunge if need be. The first ones are the best. There is a dose for most that seems to work the best. After that benefit to risk ratio go inverse. What I’ve noticed. I get good stuff, why not a bottle of cyp, bottle of npp a week, and 4 anadrol a day. Costs about as much as dinner and a movie. So, do what you do but do a actual cycle add one orvtwo things. Get some blood tests just to see that your not one of the people that have a 600 triglycerides to begin with. And you can definitely have kids, most likely girls but doable. Most bbers I know had girls, multiple.


Sorry guys if this post exist already even went to @rnmuscle account to try and find his post. Still new to using this forum. @Bigmurph


No sorries brother you can ask anything you want at anytime. Its not like other forums here. We welcome any questions and are willing to help anyone


If i was you buddy i would keep training naturally you are still so young and have so much hornones pumping through your body to build a solid foundation that you can really build off after you have maxed out your genetic potential. Especially if you have no plans of competing than whats the rush? Its a marathon not a sprint! I started gearing when i was 18 and even though i have zero regrets about it if i could do it all over again i would have maxed out my own potential 1st then took it to the next level with gear


i started taking dbol at 12. jk i started at 21 with test e after researching A LOT. decided i was willing to deal with whatever consequences starting early gave me. was always scared of fertility issues. blasted hard and longer than recommended online. had my first kid at 23. never looked back. to each his own.


I started at 18 with preloaded sustanon from Mexico with harpoon pins that came with them. Gained 30lbs from 1cc a week for 10 weeks. Never looked back either but knowing all i know now i def missed out on the most anabolic time of my life naturally between ages 18-21 i could have gained easily without gear and who knows what id look like now?! That is why i gave the advice i did. I had my son at 31 after being on for 4 years straight. Got off no pct and got my girl pregnant 2nd month after. My son is perfectly healthy and def has my fantastic genetics. Kid eats shit all day and has muscles and abs lol gotta love it. Hes 6 is 4ft tall weighs 70lbs and is so much bigger than all the other kids in his kindergarten. Anyways whatever you decide to do just make sure you put a lot of thought into it and do yor homework buddy best of luck with attaining all your goals!


AGree, Agree, Agree…If you did the mexican preloads or did the " mini vacations" every two weeks then you were not one to hem and haw about taking shit. I swear the trauma of blasting those 19g sust, or doing a bottle of brovel test and then having the flu for 3 days…special badge of courage.


Well thanks for everyone help I’ma go ahead and wait it out till I’m at least in 15% to 17% bf. Just focus on my weakness which is dieting. That way I can keep most my muscle so for now on y’all can catch me on the meal prep forums. :thinking::blush:


Omg those pins were ruthless! Lol! Brovel was such shit it was influenza in a bottle hahahaa! The good ol’ days when i didnt know shit about eating, working out, or gear just a newbie :wink: