A strong cutting workout


This workout was given to me while I was trying to cut down because even though I had been lifting I had become a fat ass.

Start with a 2 minute cardio routine getting your heart rate up around 160 bpm

Then your muscle group that your working that day use medium weight and do 15-20reps per set try to go for 4 sets 3 exercises.

Do the cardio no rest do your 1st set then right back to cardio keeping your bpm up.
Keep doing this through your entire workout and I promise your muscles will be burning and the cardio you get will be amazing.
I did this workout and if I hadn’t had my buddy kicking me in the ass I probably would have stopped after my second exercise. With him pushing me I finished and I definitely felt it the next day I try to do this type of workout once a week to help with me trying to get my abs back.