A perfect order as usual


I never get tired of saying how extremely Outfuckingstanding @Iron_Junkie_Labs is, and what he does, and how he does it exceeds all expectations.


Are you running this all in one cycle? If not, which compounds will you be stacking?


No, I’m only using the dbol as pwo


Looks great bro!:muscle:


Nice looking order bro @Iron_Junkie_Labs is my go to dude now! He is by far one of the best we have here at UGM :metal:t2:


Yes indeed! How ya been brother?


Theres my dog!!! How you feeling champ?! Hope all is good for you and your fam :wink:


Yes sir! Glad to see you have offically joined the team Big Dog! Feeling great bro enjoying a little time off from my usual hectic schedule to spend more time with the family and enjoying the new house and getting ready for my little man to head back to school as summer winds down…as well as my cruise winding down before I go on my bulk cycle in 2 weeks! Most likely won’t be fighting again till Now or December and that fight will be in the Welterweight Division! :boxing_glove:

How have you been brother? Hope all is going great with you and your family as well bro!


November or December…lol not Now or Dec


I knew what you meant lol well besides the shit that happened with my sponsor life is great bro. My son is going into 1st grade which i cant believe how fast he is growing up wish i could freeze him at his age now since hes still cute and manageable haha my girl and I are best we have ever been. My workouts are ruthless as a MF! Just got a raise at work im a lucky man to be blessed with all i have :pray:t2: Im very grateful.
Im glad things are going good with the new crib and training for your next big fight. We are all so proud of you bro you are doing big things and its amazing to watch you conquer all who challenge :muscle:t2:


I kno the feeling bro my boy is going to the first grade as well and he’s already turning into me and can say it’s probably the one thing that actually scares the shit out of me lol! Na, he’s a great kid and way more of a sweetheart than I am, probably smarter too. I’m stoked that things are going so awesome for you my brother and hope they continue on that path for as long as you strive for it bro. And as always bro, I appreciate your support and encouragement…much respect.


I know what you mean my son is so much like me too just cuter :wink: best wishes to the fam man keep being the awesome dad and husband you are nothing but love and respect here my man :facepunch:t2:


Thats a beautiful sight.


It always is from @Iron_Junkie_Labs


Damn right bro @Iron_Junkie_Labs is always on point!!