A great estrogen warning video9


So ive been watching this guys videos he is a smart guy and knows his stuff about the keto diet he is the goto in my opinion for intermittent fasting. I saw this video today that I felt I had to post because 2 cycles ago I caught a small gyno lump its nothing crazy but I believe that my diet and the transfer between cycle and pct are to blame when I was waiting for my system to clear the sust and decca which takes along time and I made the mistake of letting my estrogen levels skyrocket because I stopped taking my aromasin because I didn’t want to crash my estrogen levels. In reality though my test levels were crashing and estrogen was steadily raising. I was able to catch this and take aromasin and nolvadex to crush the onset gyno it worked and im not perfect but im not rocking a b cup or pointed nips so thank god no surgery is needed. I hope that everyone knows not to use letrozole to try and crush gyno which I know is preached all over the internet but its truly the worst thing that you can do. Letrozole takes awhile to build up in the system so your letting the gyno grow worse and the letrozole will kick in a day late and a dollar short. Lol
If you read pubmed it will give you a couple of medical journals that show the best way to fight gyno is with arimidex and nolvadex.
I personally used exemestane and nolvadex.
You should definitely use pharma grade products for pct and AI. That’s a whole different post though. Lol
I got off track but check out this video it tells you about the foods you’re eating that raise your estrogen levels and when in certain points in your cycle raising or lowering any hormone without your control is a problem because you’re following a protocol that these foods will completely throw off and can cause problems such as gyno or fat and water gain that is unwanted.


I would check out his other videos on keto and intermittent fasting its where I get my information from.


Thomas Delauer provides some common sense information. Some very useful. He is more targeting life coaching and the Men’s Heath crowd. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. :wink:

I think we could all learn a thing or two about actual health vs. strictly focusing on how these things pertain to steroid use.


I agree in his videos he has a lot of great information about just being healthy.
I don’t believe that we should only focus on gear here at UGM its a big part of the site but not the only thing by far that we can discuss. In the end our diet and training are the real makers of muscle. Our gear is just like the weights its a tool we use to grow but our diet and training need to be the core of what we use to grow.
I have always believed that gear is 20% of the equation to getting big 40/40% is the diet and training.
I also believe that overall health is a huge factor. Not taking care of yourself will definitely hinder your goals more than probably anything else.
If anyone has any other YouTube channels that they could point me in the direction with a link I would appreciate it very much.
I’ve been watching them more often because of getting sick of researching the internet and finding the same information over and over again.
Im looking for new fresh ideas and to my surprise ive been finding good stuff in YouTube videos.


I am a HUGE fan of Alex Kikel. He got banned from YouTube, but he is on Vimeo. He is a prep coach who loves to read research articles and then share the information.


Good info…but it might mean my food bill will be going up lol $