A glimpse of my supplements


Hey fam so here’s a glimpse at the supps I use and the brands I trust. The staple of my supps are dynamic evolution and MPA supps the Axe and Sledge by Seth Force. Not pictured my protein I’m not picky on a brand as long as zero fat and very low carbs ( no more than 1g) and zero sugar. Don’t forget to use my code at dynamic (FAM25)


I know Seth … love his supplements… just got his Farm Fed protein and been using Fuel Pump.


That’s awesome. He’s one pro I haven’t been able to meet yet. And he definitely has some good products


Local guy here… super cool… monster in person! Packs tons of muscle onto his frame and genuinely very nice guy!


$55 for 30 servings of that demo day?!? Fuuuuuck that lol karboload from True Nutrition is much cheaper. Basically same thing. I think Matt porter is how I found out about that. You used it?


Your shopping at wrong place lol. Buff supps carries it and I don’t pay that much. Plus I don’t mind paying for quality. Matt’s stuff isn’t cheap but he gives lots of discounts. Seth’s demo day is a far better carb drink. Quality is where it’s at. You can cut corners on a lot of stuff in life but I don’t believe in it when it comes to supps. I mean there is expensive stuff that’s garbage also.

I will see if my boy will give me a buff supps discount also.

No I’ve only used karbylin and vitargo. Matt pushes vitargo now and has for a while.


Love his training methods right up there with meadows.


Karboload is diff than karbolyn. It’s from true nutrition which is a high quality brand. Matt porter used to have a discount there, not sure if he still does. I also like their straight highly branched cyclic dextrin (which is one of the things in that demo day). I will admit I just went straight to the ax and sledge site. That’s cool if a place has it cheaper and had a discount. I wasn’t knocking it, I’m sure it’s high quality, that was just a very hefty tag on his actual site.


Yes I agree love true nutrition. I doubt he does since he owns his own supplement line.


I remember seeing him once looking like this but blond. I wish I would of went up to him, I like his attitude and his look now.


Who is that




I searched the picture it said Seth Force