A day in the life of a Berserker


Lmaooooo what is going on.


Oh shit @Berserker go stand in the grass it will grow better with the drippings


Got the grass growing then turned off the faucet. My Super 33 is in my tool bag so I had to use some Gorilla Superglue. Pissed my off, right in the middle of a workout. Chest day so that kind of screwed me. I had 4 sets left too.


Better than on the first set :slight_smile: gotta look for positives.


Good way occ looking at fit


Weight is staying steady. I’m at 186.1 today. That’s pretty much where I’ve been for 2 weeks. My body fat is down to 12% and my muscle definition and density are awesome. I have great vascularity too. I can see veins running up my lower abs, through my shoulders, chest and arms and I’m starting to get some thicker veins running through my quads. My body is convinced it’s on a cut apparently lol. Even after raising my calories I can’t budge my weight up. I’m sweating all day and all night and my work day has been a lot more stressful and faster paced recently as well. I’m wondering if those are contributing factors to all of this.


Looking back, I can see I’m actually down 4lbs in 2 weeks. I also forgot to mention that I upped my HGH to 3iu a day. I really need to take a closer look at my nutrition plan. I gotta take my calories up to about 3800 to 4000 calories because 36XX just isn’t doing it.


Yes you do :wink:


You’re wasting away @Berserker. Don’t worry every pound that you have lost has made its way onto my fat ass.


My wife was even laughing at me earlier. She said “I think your body is confused, It’s not time for a summer cut yet” freakin smart ass lmao. The wife is grocery shopping now and picking up more chicken for me. I’ll add an 8oz piece of chicken to my current nutrition plan daily. That’s a start anyway.


You should be upping your fats or carbs depending on which you are using for fuel source.


@Berserker @MBTJR1980 makes a very good point. I agree with him. When I need to up my calories I increase an energy source. Think about it.


See I thought about that but I was concerned about where my carbs were already. I’m currently taking in 377g of carbs. (Only 93g fat though. ) I start to have stomach issues past 400g of carbs and I hate taking extras like digestive enzymes and pepto to deal with my carbs when they are that high.


I have these same issues me and carbs don’t get along but maybe the carbs you are using are just not the right carbs?
I have had to adjust the type of carbs before.
Im not sure what your exact diet is but just thought something that I could throw out and maybe it would stick lol


My carbs are comprised of oats, homemade oat clusters, Greek Yogurt, brown rice, sweet potatoes and white potatoes. The only simple carbs I take in are from either a millville protein bar or a poptart post workout. I don’t eat bread at all anymore.


Consider leafy greens. Steamed spinach is an easy way to get a pretty good amount and an excellent source of fiber. Adding a tablespoon of avocado oil will add 125 cals to the spinach.

You know what you can and can’t do brother. Just adding some ideas to the mix.

Yes you do… its called a poptart. :wink:


Ok you got me on the poptart lol. I appreciate the ideas. Sometimes I get so used to a particular routine that I forget or overlook other options. The avocado oil is a good idea man.


So devildog, I know it doesn’t matter, but uhh, what kind of poptart?


Your fats should be around 30% of your caloric intake bro 93g is low add to them. They are called essential fatty acids for a reason. Your body cannot produce them on its own and needs them to function properly. Plus itll actually help your body burn more fat and stay leaner.


So I should be closer to around 125g of fat according to my caloric intake right now. I can change that easily. Thanks bro.