A day in the life of a Berserker


Me too BM i feel that pain for sure! Being 270 all i do is sweat and eat lol fkn miserable at times but love this shit :sunglasses:


Lean muscle gains in your future.


Sounds great


I’m gonna get back at it today. Shoulder feels pretty good after the little break I took. I did some of my usual physical therapy exercises for it and made sure to stay hydrated and its feeling much better. Changed over to the DHB already also. I’ll be heading to a local gym tonight but my new gym equipment is being delivered today so I’ll be back in my gym come Monday!


Got a good workout in yesterday and I feek great! Mental state and mental focus were on point. The name of the game was full body, nice pump, moderate volume, superset as much as I can and really test my overall muscular endurance. I actually made it out to a gym so I figured why not toss in some random machines.

Lean Bulk Week 3
Berserker plan

Machine Curls
Warm Up: 3x10x50

Working Sets: 3x8x85

Ss Machine Hammers
Working Sets: 3x10x45

Ss Db Arnold Curls
Working Set: 3x12x35

Rear Delt Laterals
Working Sets: 10x15, 15x20, 20x25 then iso’s to fail on the last set

Ss Forward Laterals
Working Sets: 10x15, 15x20, 20x25 then iso’s to fail on last set

Db Closed Grip Bench Press
Working Sets: 3x10x55

Ss Db Pullover
Working Sets: 3x10x70

Ss Around the World flies
Working Sets: 3x10x40

Barbell Squats
Working Sets: 3x10x265

Ss Quad Kickouts
Working Sets: 3x20x130 +5 forced then iso’s on last set

Ss Hamstring Curls
Working Sets: 3x20x100 +5 forced then iso’s on last set


How long of a workout was that one? Looks pretty big!


I had 2 people I was training while using this workout so it took a little over 2 hours. I probably could have done the workout myself in about 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on breaks between muscle groups.

I had a lot of fun though and I felt great the whole time. I’ve got that EQ flowing and could definitely feel an increase in my endurance


That’s awesome… I’m just now waiting on my EQ to come in, I can’t wait to finally try the real EQ out. As you’ve seen in other posts I had originally got bold cyp on accident thinking it was the same thing! Have you run EQ before?


First time running EQ. Full disclosure here, I wouldn’t normally have picked EQ to run with. It’s not an expensive compound bottle for bottle but when you have to typically run it 16 to 20 weeks or you have to frontload a shit ton to reduce the run time, I always thought the end results didnt justify the cost. However, my blast right now is sponsored so I figured I would run something that I never ran before but was curious about, so here we are lol.


That one was tough. I was doing fine until I remembered I had those damn leg curls again lol.

Lean Bulk Week 4
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 4

High Volume is the game this week.

LEGS = 17 sets, 318 reps

Seated Leg Curls
Warm Ups: 3x10x65

Working Sets: 5x12x105

Warm Ups: 2x10x190

Working Sets: 10x225, 10x245, 10x265, 10x285

Leg Extensions
Warm Ups: 12x85, 12x105

Working Sets: 12x110, 12x120, 12x140
10 second iso holds on the last reps of each set

Leg Press (in place of hack squats)
Working Sets: 4x20x265
Last 4 reps on last set go 1/3 rep and iso hold to just before failure and explode out of the lift.

Lying Leg Curls
Working Sets: 2x12x115, 15x115 +5 forced/assisted reps then iso to failure


Those end of workout leg curls can be a difficult to get through!


I totally forgot about them bro. Mentally I was wrapping up and then I look at the bottom of my book and there they are. Staring at me with the Gunny just caught you with your hands in your pockets look. Yep, you’re screwed son!


I agree with that. Hams already full of blood. They can feel fuckin heavy.


I rolled off the bench after each set lol. I didn’t even want to bend my legs. The pump was just ridiculous.

I started my 2nd pin of GH in the day today as well. Total of 3iu. 2 in the am and 1 preworkout. I’ll go up to 2 and 2 in a few weeks. I’ll probably keep running the GH through my cruise at 4iu until the next blast.


Nice work bro thats how to get after it!


Thanks bro, I definitely try lol


Very impressive! Love it


Son of a bitch. @Fitraver jinxed us all!! Damn bench smashed my f’n hand


Love it! Bleeding for those gains DD… What could be better?!


That fucker damn him lol. Get that super 33. Wait that’s a tough spot lol