A day in the life of a Berserker


@Berserker I also am diagnosed PTSD but have avoided all VA recommended treatment so I can relate to were you are at from my own experience.

I am going to go straight to the heart… If Tren is messing with your chia drop it and move on. You have too many other steroids in your arsenal to keep fighting against it. I am not saying you do not have what it takes to push through it because I know without a doubt you do. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Thats my advice to a BIA.

@John can you give any advice for a fellow DD?


I also have avoided VA treatment for a very long time and have done great managing it on my own. That’s a personal battle daily and to be honest, Tren scares the crap out of me because it starts to remind me of the person that I used to be before I started getting somewhat control over myself.

One DD to another, I greatly appreciate your input and your insight. I’m not an “ask-hole” so I do take your advice very seriously. You’re absolutely right about the plethora of tools that we have at our disposal so theres no sense in losing myself trying to push the envelope.


I like to enjoy my cycles. If something just isn’t feeling right then it is probably not wanted or needed.

I do a good job of self managing as well. I am not saying that PTSD is not real because it is. I simply think the medical diagnosis is over used and the medications are over prescribed. If someone NEEDS them then they should use them but they shouldn’t be used in lieu of ‘coping’ skills.

I hear ya, I’m there with ya, and I am here for ya!


We’ve been down this tren path before bro… lol Just gunna have to admit tren is not for you.


Well I do have a few issues arising from military experiences, and tren does make me unbearable if I use it to long (4-5 weeks tops) and it does make my occasional nightmares WAY FUCKING more intense.so don’t fucking use it right, @Berserker nope I swear it off, but still find myself using it in the occasion. So @semper fi, I feel like I should say to a vet, no don’t use it, but that would make me a hypocrite, however I would say without a doubt from my personal experience that men of our nature should stay away from MTREN


They do like throwing pills at us, I was eating Xanax and klonopin like nothing after I got out the service


Because they truly do not know what else to do. I am not complaining at all and would repeat the experiences again in a heartbeat… they created a monster environment and do not know what to do with the byproduct(s)… we are spent nuclear fuel brother and they dig a hole in the ground to bury it because they don’t know what else to do.


That is spot on @SemperFi and I would do everything again, even knowing what I do now. OOH RAH TEUFELHUNDEN


Thank you all for the advice. @Fitraver read all of my stuff from the last time and we talked about it on the sideline. Special thanks for bringing me over to this board brother. @SemperFi @John I’m really thankful to have fellow Marines still watching my 6. You guys are spot on about being a created byproduct. They don’t know what to do and they just read their little books and toss diagnoses around then slam pills down your throat so they can close the book and send you on your way. PTSD doesnt have to be a burden but theres no sense in intentionally making it worse. I by no means use it as a crutch and the only way I feel to cope is to he honest with myself and know that it’s a part of who I am but it’s not who I am. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I’m dropping the Tren. NPP and DHB are on the table


Smart move bro. And I knew you’d fit in well here.


Outfuckingstanding brother


Looks amazing


Yes that makes total sense


Maybe he was talking about the food lol


My last comment was to you @Berserker


Ohhh… now I see what’s going on here lmao.


Ha ha you thought it was to @Bigmurph




That would be rude of me, I am a kind, gentle,loving,charming human being, bursting with joy and affection for everything,a big softee


I gave it some thought and discussed it briefly with @Fitraver earlier today and decided to stay with my lean bulk and run the DHB I have. New doses weekly will be Test 300
EQ 500
DHB 500

Split M, W, F so I can keep each pin in a 3ml. This should be a good time!