A day in the life of a Berserker


Great movie


Guess what I’m doIng today…fucking cardio I got some shoveling to do, and it would make you @Berserker and @Bigmurph sick if you seen the garbage I am inhaling before I do it, I am gonna burn so much ha ha listen to me like these are real problems . I been in my kitchen eating a huge “garbage salad” croutons, 3 kinda of cheese, egg whites (boiled) blue cheese, ranch,radishes,romaine,red onions… also Kraft mac n cheese whole box n a bottle of water, then I’m gonna roll a joint to make me wanna eat again, which is egg noodles and leftover venison roast, then I will go do the dreaded dam cardio


Also a fruit jello cup


Hahaha. Damn that’s a lot of food. Good thing you smoke lol


I’ve got a question. I’ve never run Trestalone (ment) before but it will be in my next cycle. I’ve also never run Primo before and it will be in my next cycle. I was going to start them together because of how long I want to run Primo but now I’m debating it. Should I just run the Test/Trest together first for 6 weeks or will the primo come on slow enough that it won’t matter? @Ldog @PHD @Bigmurph


I would run each compound separate with Test. This is especially important since you have never ran each compound. It’s good to see how each compound works on its own with Test. My two cents.


That’s the kind of advice I usually give others lol. Sometimes I forego the basics and dive head first which I probably would with any other new compound but I’m holding a lot of respect for Trest given it’s another 19nor


I would run trest without primo because trest is such a mystery. I mean all we ever hear is the broscience of estrogen is going to go crazy. We all know though that everyone doesn’t aromatase the same.
I still think you should run primo strong as high as possible even if for 8wks don’t believe that broscience either that primo takes so long to start to work. I started to feel my primo just into my second week I got a wellbeing feeling and my workouts started changing fast.
I would split them up but you can still split the cycle trest at the beginning since its the Anabolic and then use the primo sense its androgenic balance


I’ve never ran it either so I really don’t know bro. I’ve heard from different people how awesome it is alone and I’ve also heard they noticed nothing with it. And these are not average joes these are top national guys.

Definitely keep us updated would like to hear how it goes if you do


Thanks for for your input guys. I’ll just stay on my TRT dose of Test and add the Trest when it’s time. I’ll probably be able to run it for 6 weeks. Then I’ll drop the Trest and go to my other planned run


Cool…keep us posted!


This plan is finalized.

Week 1-6
Test E 180mg
Trest Ace 50mg EOD

Week 7-14
Test E 600mg
Primo 800mg
Deca 400mg

Week 15-24
Test E 600mg
Primo 800mg
Deca 400mg (stop end of wk 17)
Var 50mg/day (start week 18)


I decided to hold off on the .Meadows program for now. I’m still doing my own thing but I want to push this Meadows program and my body with everything I can give it so I’m still taking it easy and nursing my shoulders for the time being. I’m getting my first 2 months nutrition plan written out and I got a new day planner to record everything. My old one was full and I felt lost without it


Smart move to heal your shoulders, that way you can give it 110% when ready


Ive had bursitis that flairs up for about 10 years now. The docs used to do cortizone shots and anti inflammatory meds but that was just band aides. Rest is the only thiny that helps. Then a few years ago I had an accident and tore my small labrum and have never gotten it fixed. It’s not terribly painful for the most part but without surgery it’ll probably never heal.


That has me thinking now that you mentioned bursitis. I would say for the past 7 years now my right shoulder will act up from time to time. Me being hard headed never got it checked out. When it does flair up I’ll lighten up the weights a little a stick to more machines till it passes.


Bursitis sucks man. When it’s at it’s worse i can’t lift my arm above parallel without wincing in pain. Mine is so bad that the bursa will push it’s way into the rotator cuff and get pinched by just raising my arm.


This along with some whole milk yogurt, an apple, a banana and 2tbsp peanut butter was lunch.


Looks good where the salad


No salad for lunch today lol. Maybe some spinach with dinner though