A day in the life of a Berserker


With my knowledge base and my on a 2nd off use since my early 20s I’d like to consider myself a vet in the game but I don’t take any new compound lightly. I only recently started toying with 19nor compounds though.

Are you using the same source as me for your Aromasin? That gives me a little insight as to where I should plan to dose my Aromasin, if you are. I don’t aromatise too terribly at 600 or less Test but I know Trest is a different animal. I don’t know you saw my proposed runs but I intended to keep my Test at 300 or below while on Trest.


I stand corrected. In some of my proposed cycles I had test up to 350 but I’m going to take your advice and take it down under 300.


Yes…I’m using the same source as you…I think…it’s called Ldog delicious nectar.


Awesome. I’ll plan to run 10mg Aromasin a day while on the Trest and adjust from there if need be. I’ll be running caber as well considering it’s a 19nor and I do have a propensity to have adverse progesterone sides.


Breakfast is good.
1,093 calories
57g protein
43g fat
88g carbs

6 egg whites
3 whole eggs
Everything bagel w/ 1tbsp creme cheese
Whole Avacodo 108g
Medium Banana


Snack: Protein Shake
8oz Whole Milk mixed with 4oz Water
2 Scoops Carnivore Protein Powder

390 calories
54g protein
8g fat
26g carbs

Water intake so far is 60oz


Forgot to take pics of the process but I got 4lbs of chicken, 4lbs of ground beef and all my major calories measured out/cooked for the week today. Made some Kito fat bombs and no bake breakfast cookies for snacks and additional calories in my day.


Sounds so good


The kito fat bombs are easy man. The wife took some ideas off the net and showed me how to make them. I use cream cheese, peanut butter, cocoa, a little powdered sugar, chia seeds, flax seeds, and dark chocolate chunks. Then roll it all in a ball and let them setup in the freezer for about 30min. Then move them to the fridge and they’re ready to eat.


Just smashed arms and shoulders.

Iso ALT Curls
4x10 with 10 second iso holds 3 second rest

Iso ALT Hammers

Preacher Curls
3x12 2 second rest pause. Concentrate on the flex at the top

Ss Tricep Pulldows
3x20 light

Ss Tricep Pulldowns
4x12 2 second rest pause concentrating on flex

Tricep Kickouts

Weighted Dips

Ss Spider Curls
3x12 - 2 dumbells with simultaneous lift

Ss Diamond Pushups
3 sets max

Shoulders were hurting but I did a continuous set

3x8 forward Laterals
3x8 side laterals
3x8 rear laterals


Can you define spider curls


Why sure… Basically you kneel on or straddle stance an incline bench. Leaning forward on the bench, chest supported and arms hanging, you proceed to do your curls. You can do it with an EZ bar, straight barbell or dumbbells. That’s the easy explanation to it lol.


Ok thanks now I am seeing in my mind what you mean, and I haven’t done them before I will give them a try


You’ll love then once you get comfortable with them. I hated them at first but it really isolates the biceps, allows you to reduce the urge to use momentum and you can lift with lighter weight because gravity is awesome like that. A little tip, my favorite thing to do with these is to let my wrists go slightly and I basically imagine I’m trying to crush an apple in the ditch of my elbow. The pump is great.


Will do, and thanks devildog.


Dinner is served.

12oz ground beef patties (73/27)
1 cup of broccoli
3/4 cup brown rice


I haven’t updated this log lately but I’ve been getting in light workouts day to day and some light cardio. I’ve been back on just regular TRT and trying to keep the supplements, food intake and workout regiments to basically maintenance because of my last blood panels. They weren’t terrible but I’ve been focusing on recovering my cholesterol and liver functions. I also experienced some rough stomach issues from the high amounts of carbs I was taking in for months on end. It was time to give my body some rest.


Going over my next cycle plan. I’m debating on adding GH starting at 2iu a day and pyramid up finishing at 8iu a day.

Week 1-6
Test E 200mg
Trest Ace 50mg EOD
Primo 600mg
Aromasin 10mg - 20mg ED
Caber .25 M, W, F

Week 7-14
Test E 600mg
Primo 600mg
Deca 420mg
Aromasin 20mg EOD
Caber .25 M, W, F

Week 14-20
Test E 600mg
Primo 600mg
Deca 420mg
Anavar 50mg ED
Aromasin 10mg EOD
Caber .25 M, W, F


AHHH I feel like a beast today!


Started my new John Meadows program today. The Taskmaster program is geared towards strength and hypertrophy. 16 weeks of me cursing out John Meadows under my breath as I endure but it’s going to be worth it. I’m incorporating a peri-workout meal with Carbion+ about 20min into my workout and my pre-workout meals will be high protein/low carb.

John Meadows: Taskmaster

Week 1

Meadows Rows
Warm Up: 4x70, 6x80, 8x95
Working: 3x8x95

Single Arm BB Rows
Working: 3x8x85

Banded Pullovers (10lb band)
Working: 3x10x75

Lat Pulldowns
Working: 3x12x180

Decline Leg Raises
Working: 4xBWxFAIL

Standing Calf Raises
Working: 4x10x150