A day in the life of a Berserker


I can completely understand that but I figured I would just throw out the 2 lightest compounds that can help


I appreciate it bro.


Hang tough B. Keep pushing. Pain is pleasure.


Bi’s and Tri’s are toast!

5 round Giant Set

Sets of 8 each exercise until I can’t get 8 then move to the next exercise for 5 total rounds

Tricep Pushdowns

ALT Hammer Curls

Tricep Pulldowns (reverse grip, palms up)

ALT Db Curls

Close Grip Bench

Ez Bar Preachers


Oh man that’s a big giant set. I was doing 4 arm exercises b2b for 4 sets. Then same with tris.



Hell yeah keep going and don’t look back


You look way trimmed down (in a good way) compared to other photos, I know you mentioned previously you had dropped a good amount of bf.


Had it rough on Tuesday night. Woke up a few times in the middle of the night with bad heart burn and acid reflux so bad that I was puking it up in my sleep. Got back on the grind yesterday though. I’ve been trying something new this week. I’ll start logging it as soon as I get it dialed in. Last week of this blast then bloods and a long cruise to let my body finally start to relax.


Good deal. Regroup and hit it again!


stupid question… define, blast, cruise, etc… ?


Cruise: maintaining a low dose, could be considered TRT dose if you’re on TRT, of testosterone for a length of time before using additional compounds again.

Blast: Another name for “cycle” by guys that do a “cruise.”

Basically it’s all bullshit made up to make guys feel better about never coming off of AAS lol. If you aren’t on TRT and you come off of all compounds, including testosterone and you PCT, then you just do “cycles.” If you stay on testosterone year round but also do cycles with other compounds then you are “blasting and cruising.”


Feeling much better after adding in some probiotics and reducing my carb intake. I’ve lowered my calories to 3,198 calories and designed a different macro breakdown to avoid this stomach issue again. 30/45/25 is the new breakdown and that should easily maintain my weight and possibly boost me slowly about 1/2lb a week for the next month or 2. I also switched up my workouts to be a little shorter on time but maintain their Intensity.


I had a general idea that’s what it meant, but wasn’t 100% on it. That TRT part is essential. Thank you for clarifying it B.