A day in the life of a Berserker


Feel better brotha!


The symptoms of having a tapeworm are fever, chills and overall crappy feeling.


Hahaha. You were on the quarter deck a lot weren’t you lmao


Just to recap the week. Monday Legs, Tuesday Chest and Shoulders. Wednesday and Thursday I felt like shit and carried a bug. Woke up this morning after a full night’s rest and no fever. Made some quick gains this morning with a small Bi/Tri/Calf workout and actually did some cardio too lol.


Lunch is 10oz shredded chicken, 6 pieces of bacon, 4oz of spinach wrapped up in a tomato basil tortilla wrap. All courtesy of the wife. Gotta love when the wife is on board with your nutrition goals.


Great leg workout today. I made it out to meet up with a buddy at his gym. Pre-workout 2 scoops of Carbion+ a protein bar and a banana. Post workout was a 12" chicken, bacon, ranch with double chicken, double bacon and double cheese on wheat.

Lean Bulk Week 8
John Meadows “the Executioner” week 8

Legs - Moderate Volume 22 working sets, 235 reps

Seated Leg Curls
Warm Ups: 8x80, 10x90, 12x100, 14x120
Working sets: 4x12x140 + 1x25x120 partials
last working set was 3 sec negatives on lifts then drop weight and do 25 partials in quick succession

Leg Press
Warm Ups: 10x270, 10x360, 10x445, 10x535, 10x625 do sets of 10 until it starts to get hard, add weight then move to working sets

Working Sets: 3x10x715

Pause Squats
Working Sets: 3x8x265
go just above 90° and hold for a 3 sec iso then explode back up. Pause then repeat

Walking DB Lunges
Working Sets: 3x10x100 each side

Db Deadlifts
Working Sets: 3x8x160


Merry Christmas to me!


Back on the grind today. I got 1200 cals down already and I’ll be doing back later today.


Started this week off great. Chest/Bi’s/Tri’s on Monday and Back/Shoulders yesterday. I have a potential job opportunity this year that is going to require me to shift gears with my fitness plans. Instead of trying to get big, I need to focus on strength, endurance and staying relatively lean to properly keep up during the day. It’s not cross fit shit but theres a lot of aerobic activity combined with with strength for the job.


Today’s workout… Cardio. Yep. Cardio.

4 rounds
25 jump squats
25 burpees
25 pushups
25 jumping Jacks
1/4 Mile run

And dead


It was a crazy busy week last. I didn’t log shit lol.

Worked chest and tri’s today and felt great through my workout. I kept it simple but effective.

Db Bench
Ss Tricep Pull downs

Db Declines
Ss Tricep Push Downs

Db Inclines
Ss Incline Db Flys

Flat BB bench
Ss BW Dips


Not a bad day today. Got home a bit earlier than usual, which was nice.

Made some gainz today.

Back and Bi’s (Heavy focus on Back)

Weighted Pullups: BW+15, 4x fail

Band Assisted Pullups: BWx4xfail

Close Grip Rows 4x12

Wide Grip Rows 4x12

Face Pulls 3x10

Reverse Flys 4x12

Shrugs 4x12

Iso Db Curls (alternate) 4x12

Ss Db Hammer Curls 3x10

Db Curls 3 sec neg 4x12

Ss Iso Db Hammers 3x10


Beast mode on the back and arms. nice.


Thanks man.


Got some legs in today

Squats 5x5

Weighted walking Lunges 4x12

Kickouts 4x12

Goblet Squats 4x12

Seated Ham Curls 3x15 (nice and slow, feel the pump still)

SDL’s 4x12


Good work bro.


Man I’ve been so tired lately. Insomnia is a bitch sometimes and it only gets worse the more tired I get.


Guessing you’ve tried melatonin and all of that stuff?


I don’t normally recommend medications but ambien does work also you can try clonidine .01mg
These are both medications meant to relax you and neither are addictive unless you abuse them or of course I wouldn’t recommend them.


I swore off drugs from doctors years ago bro. The Marine Corps and the VA had me on so much shit at one point that I’m surprised I still know who I am lol. I sometimes use melatonin but it takes time to build in your system so I usually forego it. This comes and goes through different times of the year for me.