A day in the life of a Berserker


Killed it brotha!


This was a good one.

All lifts were done with 2 to 3 second negatives. Slow to grow

Lean Bulk Week 7
John Meadows “The Executioner” Week 7

I did 5 sets of random bicep curls and 5 sets of random Tricep exercises for warm ups then went straight to working sets for all exercises. Super sets were alternating between the 2 exercises listed.

Tricep Pulldowns: 4x10x115
Db Curls: 4x15x40

BB Curls: 4x8x95
Lying Tricep Extensions: 4x15x40

Db Preacher Curls: 4x8x40
Close Grip Bench Press: 4x8x125

Wide Stance Calf Raises: 3x20x120

Close Stance Calf Raises: 3x20x120
Tibia Dorsiflex: 3x30x30lb band


I forgot a note… I cheated the Tricep pulldown to add more weight to my negatives on them. Form to pull 115 down on tricep extension wasn’t the greatest. I used a good bit of momentum to get it pulled down. I wanted to really focus the negative and try to lower the weight the slowest I could.





Im interested in your shirts! Where are you getting them from?


Tesla is the brand and are available on Amazon.


Freaking love amazon


Yep. Tesla shirts. Best fitting compression shirts I’ve ever owned and more than half the cost of Under Armour. I use them year round for workouts, warming layers and grappling.


Oops. Meant less than half the cost.


I’ve never used them before so I’m curious about sizing and fit? 195lbs , 5’ 10 … any clues what would be a good fit?


Mine are large and they fit perfect. A little room to grow in, but not much and I’m 6’ 190lb. The sleeve length is perfect but mine are tight enough that if I pull the sleeve up it could make a decent tourniquet for my arm lol.


@Berserker if you are ever looking for a serious compression shirt and/or bottoms give Adidas Alpha Skin a go. BTW- they are expensive. They make UA look cheap. :rofl:


I dont mind spending the money on good gear all around lol. Pun intended. I’ll check them out. Might at least get 1 to try.


I recommend looking at the different levels of compression they come in on the Adidas website but choose a short sleeve. You may find them to have too much compression. If you purchase one off Amazon you always have free returns with return shipping included.



I got 2 workouts done this week that I didn’t post yet. Legs and Chest/Shoulders. Then I have Back tonight. I’ll update when I get home today.


Still down with this fever and shit. I haven’t worked out today because of it but I’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I’ll at least do some cardio tomorrow and try to sweat this out


Didn’t even realize you were sick. Godspeed to getting back to 100%.


Started Tuesday night. I thought it was nothing but by Wednesay I had a fever and all. The fever finally broke a little bit ago so I should be back on my feet tomorrow.