A day in the life of a Berserker


Thanks. I appreciate that.


Morning serker


Morning it is Sir lol. Got a chest day today woot woot


Shoulders here.


Train to failure PLUS one more rep. Push yourself beyond what you THINK you can do…Tear it up today @Berserker.


Here is your kick in the ass-


This is more my speed today




Sweet mother of God. That one was rough. I had to have my ole lady help pull my shirt and hoodie off after this one.

I could hear @SemperFi (though I have 0 clue what he sounds like in real life) saying “PUSH YOURSELF” lmao. He sounded like R.Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket hahaha

Lean Bulk Week 7
John Meadows “the executioner” week 7

Chest and Shoulders

Machine Press
Warm Ups: 6x180, 6x200
Working sets: 3x6x210

BB Bench Press
Warm Ups: 8x165, 8x185, 8x205
Working Sets: 3x8x225

Incline BB Bench
Warm Ups: 6x145, 6x160, 6x175, 6x185
Working Sets: 3x6x185

Db Flies
Working Sets: 3x12x40

Db Side Laterals
Warm Ups: 10x20, 10x30
Working Sets: 3x12x35

Rear Delt Flies
Working Sets: 3x20x25

Db Press
Working Sets: 3x12x65
every rep 5 second negatives

Db Overhead Press
Working Sets: 3x10x35
my arms were toast here. I was surprised I was even pushing 35’s for these lol

BB Shrugs
Working Sets: 4x10x150
stay steady, don’t let the bar draw you forward to your toes. 2 second iso for each lift


Solid session right there brotha!


Your reward for a job well done!



My wifey already promised me a real reward but I’ll accept that for some eye candy for now lol




Ok. Moving my pinning schedule for the NPP is proving to be a bit of a pain in the ass for measurements. If I want to run 600 test, 600 dhb and 400 npp with ED pinning I end up with some stupid measurements in the hundredths of a ml so that doesn’t work for me. Looks like its gonna be 525 Test, 560 DHB and 315 NPP. Still a great stack and reduces the total mg dosage week to week so I feel more comfortable with that anyway.


Well, I ain’t your wife so thats the best I can offer you for pushing yourself past what you ‘think’ you could do today. :wink:


Sounds stupid but it did help. My arms were toast bro. Including the warmups it was 398 reps this workout.


Got home later than usual last night and had some gifts for the wife arrive so I decided to get those wrapped up. I took down 4,206 calories yesterday and it’s Back day today. I’ll throw in some abs on top.


Holy shinto. I don’t really know how to describe that one. Maybe wrecked is a good adjective for it. I’m not sure giant sets for an entire back and ab workout was a good idea yet but we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. It wasn’t supposed to be a giant set but I was short on time and wanted to get the whole workout in.

Lean Bulk Week 7
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 7
30 sets / 319 reps without fail sets counted

Back / Abs

Pull Downs
Working sets: 6x10x185
Low Rows w/suppination
Working sets: 4x10x125 w/ 3 sec pauses on each contraction
Single Arm Db Rows
Working Sets: 3x8x85
Rack Deads
Working sets: 5x3x305 w/ 15lb resistance bands wrapped over bar. No straps

1 Minute Rest

Working sets: 3xBWxFail

3 Minute Rest

Pull Ups
Working Sets: 3xBWxFail
After each fail set, used band to pump out a few more to failure
Hanging Ab Twists
Working sets: 4x25xBW
Working Sets: 4x25xBW
Oblique Crunches
Working Sets: 2x50

Sure I’ll call that cardio with my heart rate over 130 for most of the super sets lol




Lol. I felt like a f’n animal today!! I’m gonna pay for it tomorrow but today… damn that felt good!