A day in the life of a Berserker


I am posting them at @Berserker request… no hijacking involved. Read the log and catch up! :wink:


Was kidding bro. Still wouldn’t mind some names though. :grin:


Google it


Yeah @Stirms, @Berserker loves, pussy, killing,dead animals, and hardcore music videos.


Who doesn’t you just described 90% of us lol


Ha ha ok @Bigmurp, Well i love killing animals more then pussy, and we will see what @Berserker says


That’s a tough one bro. You know I love me some metal and hardcore but damn if I gotta choose killin shit or pussy… I dont think I can pick lmao. Now if I can kill me some shit, rock out to some Blood for Blood on the way home then get some pussy from the wife well now we’re talkin!


Hmmm well if all those planets aligned, then it would be a perfect world huh @Berserker but we know it is not, and for me, yeah I love my women and her moist places, but I get way more pumped up, for twice as long, when I kill dinner.


I like tattoos but semp this one does it for me! No tats


Got home really late from work last night. I wouldnt have even eaten my preworkout meal until 8 so I decided to just take the off day. @SemperFi I got in hella cardio yesterday though lol. I worked in a stairwell all day yesterday running 12 floors up and down for about 6 hours of my day yesterday.



Nice little chest/shoulders workout today. Feeling strong AF and the pumps are getting more intense. DHB is in full swing and vascularity is awesome.

Lean Bulk Week 6
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 6

I added the supersets and the banded side crawls onto the program.

Db Press
Warm Ups: 10x45, 10x55, 10x65

Working sets: 2x8x75, 2x8x85, 1x8x65 all slow negatives

Incline Db Press
Working sets: 5x8x65

Flat bench flies
Working sets: 4x10x45

Incline bench Flies
Working sets: 4x10x45

Shoulder Raises front
Working Sets: 5x10x30

Shoulder Raises Rear
Working Sets: 5x10x35

Shoulder Raises sides
Working Sets: 5x10x30

Banded Spider Crawls
Working Set: 2xfail
wrapping bands around wrists, bear crawls forward and back until your shoulders fail


Fuckin crushed it bro.


Still not pushing crazy weight. I’ve been scared since my shoulder started acting up again but I’m still making great progress and I feel amazing.



That face is a little manly but when it’s…dark? You know you would lmao


What face?


Fuck all that huge fake tits stuff, I don’t care… as a matter a fact, since we’re on the subject, tits are fucking useless,their not a “hole” and in my life, I’m gonna finish in a hole, as in my woman and the ground.


That’s Valerie Cormier @Berserker. She was female enough for Playboy! :wink: I will make sure my motivation is more feminine in the future for your taste.

Is this better? Same women BTW. :wink:


Glad to see you guys need this for motivation… all I have to do is open my front door when I come home from work :wink:
Yeah I got it like that!