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Got in this arm blast this evening

Lean Bulk Week 6
John Meadows “the Executioner” Week 6

Bi’s and Tri’s

Warm Ups:
Db Curls 20x30
Hammer Curls 20x30
Tri Kickouts 20x25
Tri Pull Downs 20x45

Tri Push Downs
Working Sets: 5x20x75

Alt Db Hammer Curls
Working Sets:
Seated 2x fail x 30
Standing 2x fail x 30
Seated 1x fail x 30 all iso holds
sit for the first 2 sets then stand and knock out a 3rd. Rest then do another standing set. Sit back down and iso hold to failure for as many reps as possible

Seated Tri Extensions
Working Sets: 4x8x45 then do one more set of 8 with iso holds to failure each hold

Single Arm Db Preachers
Working Sets: 2x8x50 / 2x8x40

Working Sets: 3 x fail x BW

EZ Bar Curls (standing)
Working Sets: 8x100, 8x80, 8x70 then 1 last set of 8x70 with all lifts utilizing a 3 second negative


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There are a few guys following the J. Meadows programming. How do you determine the weight you want/need to use? Based off 1 RM, that seems way to involved with the variety of lifts and exercises ?

Why use 30#'s on the Warm Up DB curls 20x30 ? Why not 35 or 15#'s? Honesty curious about the programming so I can learn, not questioning the theory or methodology or correctness.The heaviest weight moved for this workout was BW dips I think? Why EZ Bar Curls @ 100#'s decending to 40#'s?

Typing can come across as dickheadish which is the opposite of my intention.I could add a bunch of emoji’s…:point_right::ok_hand: if that helps…:laughing::rofl:


Theres a lot of details I leave out of the lifts. John Meadows explains how he wants every single lift, every weight drop, every style of lift etc in his programs. So a lot of what I do, you just get the cliff notes in here unfortunately.

The warm up with the 30’s was because I was fresh and knew I could complete the 20 reps requested per the program without completely taxing myself. The EZ bar curls descended from 100 to 70. Each lift was slow and controlled with minimal body involvement besides my arms and since it was the last exercise I was beginning to fail at 8 reps on the higher weight and my form began to fail. To maintain form, I lowered weight. I also knew that the last set was going to be all negatives.

I choose weight based off of experience with where I may typically fail based in the number of total reps. It may not be 100% every time but that’s what has always worked for me. Not to mention, this particular program doesn’t state what percentage of weight to lift, it often says to use a weight you know you will fail at when he says you should be failing. That particular statement always leads me back to just experience with my own lifting.



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Damn that one was tough.

Lean bulk week 6
John Meadows “the Executioner” week 6

Calves and Abs

Warm Ups were done with each exercise 20 x body weight, slow and deliberate.

Standing Calf Raise
Working Sets: 15x70, 20x100, 30x150 then 1 last set of 15x150 with 3 sec iso on each raise.

Ss between each set of calf raises
Tibia Dorsiflexions
Working Sets: 15x20, 20x20, 30x20, fail x 20
All weight was just a 20lb resistance band wrapped across toes and anchored.

Seated Calf Raises
Working Sets: 15x150, 20x150, 30x150, fail x 150

Ss between each set of calf raises
Tibia Dorsiflexions
Working Sets: 15x20, 20x20, 30x20, fail x 20
All weight was just a 20lb resistance band wrapped across toes and anchored.

Squared Calf Raises
Working Sets: 5 x bw x fail
squat all the way down and hold on to something stable, do calf raises from this hold

Hanging Leg Raises: 4x25xBW

Russian Twists: 4x25xBW

Planks: 2 x 2min holds


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