A day in the life of a Berserker


Thanks bro. You’d be proud. I took down just shy of 4000 calories today. I’m not f’n around anymore. Too much down time on this blast and too much messing around with the food intake in the beginning. I’m ready


Get ittttttt. Nice work.


I had to jump right into my diet when I started doing the training with @PHD, I literally went from eating whatever the f×ck I wanted when I wanted, to a very very specific diet that I had never done! To me it was all in from the start because I had never listened to begin with about anything!


Went after work and gave some Hulk blood to the community. I should charge them for it hahaha.

On another note, I’m headed out of town out to the woods. See you guys on Sunday!


Awesome, but what are you doin in the woods? I looooove to do stuff in the woods


Good luck in the woods!


Pull-Ups…best exercise for men next to heavy squats.

I like wrapping my wrists about the same as my dong… Sometimes its necessary, but far less than we all think. Drop the bar/ pull out ??? Same deal, right?

I love all the compound movement…!! Whats your goal? I could read back a shit ton of posts or just ask…lazy my man.


Kill something big


Well I’m back gents. Spent the weekend in the woods and in the cabin. Saw a few things to kill but couldnt call them in close enough. Bow hunting is an art and takes a great deal more patience than just shotgun or rifle. I was still able to stick to my nutrition but I did have a few IPA’s to cure the the fact that we didn’t get anything. Oh well. There’s still plenty of the season left to fill the freezer.


The goal for this blast is a lean bulk to about 195. If I can hit 195 and still retain my semi cut look I’d be happy. The John Meadows programs are no joke bro. A lot of compounds mixed in with about 20% isolation. He focuses a lot on pre muscle activation lift to lift which really helps to isolate the particular group you’re targeting day to day.


Time well spent!!!


Agreed. Nothing like heading out to the woods with a few good friends and trying to kill shit lmao.


I got my bull this year during rifle season but have not had luck on my side for bow season. Son in law got the draw on two but missed both shots. Not his fault… just the nature of the game.


I had a buck that was about 80 yards and I couldnt call him in. Then a doe at about 50 yards later in the day but it was kind of thick her direction and I didn’t want to risk the shot. That’s just the nature of the business sometimes


I missed one buck this fall with bow, however my shotgun opens right around, tomorrow morning, I haven’t hunted gun in a long time typically stick with bow


Same here. A long time ago my state still had rifle hunting but that has gone away and you can only hunt on private property with a rifle. I like shotgun but over ththe years I’ve dumped enough time, practice and resources into bow hunting that I much prefer it. Plus there’s something still really primal about it that I can’t get away from.


However I did not miss this one today…


GOT EEM! Nice work bro


Thanks and I reposted it cause this is your thread, so I apologize.


I welcome shit like heavy metal videos, sexy ladies and even dead deer lmao