A beginning cycle for women- Anavar


@SemperFi completely agree with you.


then don’t use steriods

So what im gathering is your saying all steroids will cause your voice to deepen or grow facial hair??



yes all steroids cause virilization some degree some more so than others yet they will all do it … you have decide what sides you will put up with and what sides you won’t it IS a trade off … I draw the line at hair loss so I don’t use masterone or primo … all the other stuff is an acceptable risk . do I sound like a man? No, I don’t but there is no going back to singing soprano for me. I know heavy smokers that sound like shit … trade off. I know hard core pro bodybuilders whose voices have changed permanently and not for the better. Is one cycle of anavar or two or three going to make you sound like them ? No. Just like taking steriods isn’t going to automatically make you muscular and shredded. … You could be that one person that responds like that so if the risk isn’t acceptable then don’t take it. if you don’t want to screw around with hair removal issues then absolutely do not get into this game. If you for sure have an issue with clit enlargement don’t touch it. this not about IF it will happen but more about when, at what point. You may not experience any of it your first cycle but from what I have seen you are going to experience changes in your voice, you may sound like you have a cold … it will decrease when you come off but if you continue cycling it IS going to change


Just throwing this out their for the ladies concerned about the side effects of steroids. My wife has been HRT for close to two years. Testosterone is part of her replacement therapy. Since beginning therapy we have not noticed any changes in her voice. She has experienced increased facial hair growth and a small increase in the size of that ‘thing’ down there. This did not happen overnight but gradually to the point that it became obvious.

A portion of many steroids will convert to DHT and some are a derivative of DHT. Male or female we all need DHT but the over production or through supplementation will produce negative side effects that impact a females famine traits. Thats just the facts.


Yes however, she is bringing her hormone levels up to normal she isn’t exceeding normal I wouldn’t expect any vocal change at that point either

not only that Semper my significant other would swear on a stack of bibles that my voice has not changed at all and I know it has … he just doesn’t notice because we speak to each other every day the changes aren’t drastic but they are there


I definitely agree with the diet and training even with men.


keep in mind a competition diet is going to be different from your average tyring to lose fat diet along with training … you literally are taking things above and beyond when you make that step to compete… your diet and training should move with it .


My girl takes 1 iu of gh a day just for fat burning and anti aging mainly she’s on point on her diet and lean but she wants a touch more of hardness and detail is that a good time to bring anavar into the equation I know nothing about how stuff works on women so I’ve always guided her away from aas but she’s been dieting and training so long now that I’m thinking she’s giving it plenty of thought so maybe it’s ok to let her give it a shot.


@mommie2008 I think this helps answer the question better than the quote of “don’t use steroids”


depending on her body fat percentage she isn’t going to see ‘hardness’ or detail… so if she’s on the lower end of the teens then yes it is a good time to add it in