7-28 Last Fight @135lb Lightweight Division


Daaaaaamn broski!!’ You lookin sick!! Keep up the awesome work. Im pulling for you not that you need it :wink: hahaa! One bad ass MF :boxing_glove: put the boots to this punk ass! All the respect in the world i know it takes a whole hell of a lot to do what you do! Im proud of you and cant wait to hear the good news that you lights out this fool :smiling_imp:


To me, it’s the most brutal part of the sport, cutting weight. It’s tough, not fun, and as I mentioned I’m not fun to be around most the time. Just a little edgy, and easily aggravated but other than that it’s controllable for the most part bc I have a very good outlet for the aggravation and aggression.
At the end of the day cutting weight will give me yet another advantage I haven’t been having in fights bc I’ve been fighting the bigger guys but I’m still finding ways to win. Only this time out I will be the bigger fighter.
As to your question about how I feel about this fight…
I have no doubt I will win. As I’ve mentioned before he and I know each other pretty well, personally and in the ring. We’ve had a handful of competitive, rough sparring sessions in the past but never above 118. We are scheduled for 10 rounds, I know for a fact he’s going to come prepared to fight and prepared to go the distance but I will not let this guy out work me or out class me in this fight. My favorite part of a being in a fight is the second half of it. We have a great game plan as always, my trainer gives me the game plan and puts me in a position to win the fight all I have to do is go out there and execute. It’s easy to come prepared to go the distance but once I get you into those deep waters of the later rounds it gets real hard to swim in there with a shark.


Thanks bro I really appreciate your support and recognition.


Yes sir bro, you already know what time it is but I respect this guy as a fighter as well. I’m not taking him lightly. I might give away a round or two, I’ve been known to do this tho just to see how they are going to try and fight, we’ll test his power and see what I’m working with before we start moving into our game plan…but if he wants to box, we’ll box. If he wants a dog fight we might just have a dog fight but either way this is and will be my fight.


I love your attutude and slight cockiness!! Reminds me of me lol i know you will do your thing thing out their my bro!! Its your time to shine show these fuckers all the blood, sweat, and dedication it takes to be a champion that you are :facepunch:t2: Get after it champ!!!


@Iron_Junkie_Labs “Sponsored Athlete”
We weighed in roughly an hour ago…It’s official UGM family! We have a fight! My opponent came in at 133.8 and I hit the scale right on the limit at a ready 135! :muscle::boxing_glove:! No more talking! Training camp was outstanding and I am :100:% ready to get under those lights tomorrow night and do what we do best and that’s bring the smoke :boxing_glove::dash:!

But first things first after rehydrating then headed to my Pre-fight ritual of going to one of my favorite restaurants Twin Peaks for a big Juicy Steak!

I appreciate all your support brothers! I just ask a small favor of you all to say a prayer for me to have a safe, clean fight. Thank you all again and no matter the outcome, I will post up details of the fight sometime Sunday!


Good luck bro!! Bring another home.


Outfuckingstanding brother!! I’m pumped for you!! And you don’t need to ask that favor


Kill it brother we are all rooting for ya! :muscle::boxing_glove::butterfly::honeybee:


Good luck :muscle:


Good pic references


Haha i think so :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice work…Now bring it on home!


Thanks Fit!


Thanks to you to @John & @Czworeczk, & @SemperFi y’all don’t expect anything but the best I can bring I just want him to show up and give me the best him!


I couldn’t appreciate you more. Outside of my personal goals, drive, and determination…I simply wouldn’t be in this weight class so soon without your help by providing me with the grade A gear, personal advice, and support. again I thank you for staying true to me and being dedicated to helping me reach my goals and dreams and making them a reality. Much love and respect bro!:fire::100::muscle::boxing_glove:


Hell yeah brotha do your thing thing out there show that fool who runs shit!!! My thoughts, prayers, and best wishes to my boy @N8GainTrain!!! Get after it homie :facepunch:t2:


@N8GainTrain of course brother! We are all Part of one BIG Family here at UGM and we all strive for the same goal, to be the best that we can be! So lets help each other get there and keep growing!:muscle:
Thank you for being such a dedicated IJL athlete!


I appreciate your unwaivering support big dog!:muscle:


Congratulations in reaching your goals! you are successfull either way! :smiley::smiley: All any one can put forth is their best. i can imagine this one is a lil different for sure. Ware him out!! :muscle::muscle::muscle: