50#'s of Alaskan Salmon...!


Fresh caught, Flash frozen, Overnight mail!


That’s my favorite protein fresh wild caught salmon.


Which species @SpencerCortez?

Look great bro. Enjoy it!


Sockeye. I was stationed in AK for a bit. Nice to still have friends up North.


That’s awesome, I’d love that right now haha


That’s great, wish I had some to


Did you catch that? What did you pay?


I did not catch it. Some friends catch, flash freeze, and ship. Used to be a great deal but they hiked their prices after this season and now you can get Pacific Salmon at Trader Joes for about the same price. All great things come to an end, sadly.

That said, a trip to AK and a week fishing will net most people about 200#'s of Halibut and Salmon depending on how you spend your time. Shipping is easy.


My last trip netted me 400# of lingcod, salmon and halibut. Trip cost me $1700 so it is a steal. Not to mention a great time with good friends. :wink:


Watch out for that mercury poisoning, i read it’s affecting alot of fish and not just the ones it hatcherys. wild caught salmon also has low amounts of mercury. Besides that though salmon is my favorite source of protein :ok_hand:


I loved being up there for 3 years. Its about time to visit again.

#400 of fish is awesome. In a perfect World I would get to Idaho , WY, or Colorado every year to shoot and Elk and have a fridge full of salmon and halibut.


Halibut is my go to when it is on sale… Gets expensive though but Sole is a good substitute. I heard the Elk Tags can be pretty hard to get, especially for nonresidents.


I have never had a issue with Cow tags. My buddies try for Bulls every year, its about 50/50 as an out of state resident.


Moose is my go to if I am headed up to the great white north to harvest a land animal. I have only harvested one in my life but have access to the meat regularly. As much as I enjoy elk… moose would have to be my first choice.

I would like to hit up one of the Bison ranches one of these days and load up several freezers with a nice bull bison.


I’ve never had moose I’d like to


I couldn’t agree more about Moose. Deer is good, Elk is great, Moose is Amazing.

Whats a bison dressed out, 500#? 700# ? Id have to buy like 3 more deep freezers.


Depends on the ranch but the Reservation I am looking at the bulls run about 2000# on the hoof.


Holy Moley… Id have to give about 750# of that away.

But if you Bison hunt it better be horseback at a gallop!


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