2nd Round Knockout!🥊


As @paramexer posted yesterday, last night was my highly appreciated debut at Welterweight. As my sponsor @paramexer also mentioned yesterday how this guy was carrying on and talking big shit at the weigh in Friday about how “he ain’t one of these Super Featherweights or Lightweights I’m used to” and how “muscles ain’t gonna help me against him”… anyone who knows me, knows I like to talk a little trash (up until the weigh in.)
Once I’m at the weigh in and face off all that talk means nothing, bc for me it’s time to get down to business and it’s time to fight…so him talking showed me weakness and gave me a little more incentive.

I walked out first on the 3rd fight of the night right before the main event so the venue was already full, not an extremely large crowd (est. 2,100) but that would depend on who you’re asking however it was nearly sold out.

I started my walk to the ring, from backstage warming up, this is when I start to block out everyone and everything but my trainer and truly get locked in.

The opening bell rang and he came out charging straight ahead as if he were going to immediately start trying to walk me down. Wrong.
First thing was to make him realize I do have spark in my jab/lead hand and dynamite in both and don’t buckle under pressure, I thrive under it. We got into a couple good exchanges, once when he had backed me into the ropes but was able to lock him up and get the ref to set a break. I hit him with a couple stiff jabs and went down to the body with a solid shot to his liver and down to a knee he went. I have to admit even I was a little shocked that I had already dropped him so early in the fight. He got up and was standing and ready to fight at the 8 count.

He’s a taller fighter than me by 3-4 inches. He’s listed at 5’11’ but seemed taller than that at the weigh in, to my 5-8. I expected him to fight tall and give me a little difficulty in doing so but he was hunched over at the shoulders and fighting more down on my level which was his second mistake. By doing this every time he threw a right, weather it be a hook or overhand right he was leaving his body wide open and I took advantage dealing some punishing body shots. He was also standing in the pocket way too long letting me dictate the pace and the fight. I have way too much fire power and speed to stand in the center of the ring right in the pocket and exchange with. The bell rang to close out the first round and I felt extremely good about it. I sat on my stool feeling very confident and incredibly fresh.

Came out in the second round after listening to my corner tell me to keep working the body the way I was, only start rotating my hips to generate more power on my combinations and try to come under his gaurd. My trainer mentioned if I could keep the pace of the first round for a couple more I could likely get this guy out of there by the 5th or 6th round. About a minute into the second round he threw a lazy right leaving his body open again, I dug into this body shot right on the liver again with authority and followed quickly with left hook, rotated my hips and came back with a perfectly timed, big right uppercut through his elbows and gloves and dropped him. He was trying to get to his feet but when the ref got to 10 he was still on his hands and knees and he was done.

He wasn’t knocked out cold but those body shots especially the last one took all the gas out of his tank to the point he couldn’t get up. If you’ve ever been hit with a good solid shot to the liver you know it’s not an instant pain, it takes a few seconds but once you feel it, it’s not easy to shake off and it damn sure isn’t easy to breathe. I think the guy came to fight and had a game plan they thought would work. He didn’t come out and fight the way we trained or planned for but that’s part of the game, having a “plan B” and being able to adjust and adapt to whatever might happen in a fight. I’ve got a lot of weapons in my arsenal and I believe I was able to show some of that in this fight. I’m still learning and growing as a fighter and just because this one ended quicker than expected doesn’t mean I still can’t learn from it or do anything to be even better my next time out. Each fight going forward will get tougher and pose new challenges and the stakes will continue to rise.

Like I said we thought he would fight tall and use his height and reach to his advantage but for whatever reason he decided to come forward and fight lower and smaller which played right into my natural style of fighting and just made it a mismatch and a less difficult night for me.

This was the quickest knockout or the fastest I’ve gotten someone out of there in my last 12 fights since restarting my career and now has me sitting with a 12-0 record. This is also the 4th fight out of the 12 that I’ve ended with a body shot including this one over a very experienced fighter that was 23-2 coming in. My trainer said they’re going to change my name to “The Body Snatcher” (I actually kinda like the sound of that too.)

I was expected to win this fight as it was more of a tune-up fight bc it was my first in the Welterweight division, to see if I could hang in there against a true Welterweight and if my power and speed would translate up another weight class. Obviously it did, I trained to go 12 hard fought rounds just as I do every training camp, I 100% believe in my skills and my talent, and I also believe that I am forcing everyone else including all the doubters to believe in it as well. I always say where there is smoke, there’s fire…and I got that smoke for whoever wants to come get it from 140-154lbs. (I don’t think I can push my body to make 135lbs anymore)

But this being said I have to admit, honestly even I was shocked to say the least that I got a guy out of there so quickly and efficiently who’s been fighting Welterweights for most of his career and did so in dynamic fashion. This does bode well for me looking ahead to my next fight and even fights beyond that as my career continues to develop.

I hope to get back in the ring quickly and stay active as possible… hopefully we can get something signed and done for sometime in March!

Thanks to everyone here that supports me on UGM. You fellas make up one hell of a community here and I’m proud and happy to be a part of it. You guys always have always welcomed and supported me and I’m truly appreciative and grateful for that.


Congrats :upside_down_face::muscle: 12–0 looks good


Nice win bro!


I love reading this great job brother. Hard work really shows. Keep dropping them
“Body snatcher” I like it also lol


Congrats Body Snatcher! Strong work!


Awesome brotha!! Get it!


I also want to publicly thank @paramexer for coming through for me to get me some quality gear to get my energy levels back up to par. Between his TNE, Test P and that oral combo he made for me that I’ve been running this last week (2× a day), all I can say about that is WOW!!! (25mg Drol/25mg Var/15mg Halo) Had me feeling unstoppable in there last night. Everything was clicking and I definitely felt the extra aggression but like I told @paramexer it was a controlled aggression.


I wanted to congratulate you brother.
Great work and im glad to hear that everything is going well with paramexer.
How are you feeling today brother?


@Bigmurph I feel great today brother, thanks for asking. It’s good that I didn’t take to much damage or really any punishment at all last night but I would have liked for it to go at least a few more rounds just for the sake of experience. The more rounds you put in, in an actual fight are invaluable. My son was there last night tho, it was his first time at one of my fights since he was an infant so he’ll remember this one, so it’s good he didn’t have to see his daddy getting punched on a bunch. Tomorrow he turns 7, so it was a nice birthday gift as well.


That’s great for your boy to get to watch you fight in the ring and win. I believe that it is a great thing for kids to get involved with but it has a bad reputation with alot of parents. I believe that it is some of the best discipline a kid can learn and grow up around.
Really any sport but any type of fighting particularly. Great dedication and values come from the influence.

Great job again brother glad to hear that you are doing good and that things went well. I guess in another 4-6 months you will get another fight in.


Very much so bro! I agree with you 100%. But the way I see it, is I fight so my son won’t have to. If he chooses to follow in my footsteps I will be there to back him all the way and even be his trainer bc nobody knows my son like I do. At the same time it’s not something I will ever force upon him. Besides that he’s way to smart already, has a heart of gold, and far too sweet of a little boy in my opinion to be a fighter and that’s fine with me. I’d much rather see him grow up in a suit and tie than getting punched in the face


As far as my next fight, we aren’t real sure yet. Have to sit down see what kind of options I have out there but I’m hoping sometime in March.


Congratulations brotha :facepunch: :facepunch:


Couldn’t agree more brother.
Definitely a suit


Im already the asshole of this forum so I’m confused where you come off with a win based on your gear? Last time I checked your support came from ijl 100% now you won a fight and para is your answer… im sorry bro but I call bullshit… who the fuck are you to upsell inferior product to members and get a payout? I don’t see your name on the UFC card tonight


@josh Who said I won based off of gear first of all? Secondly I parted ways with IJL and announced publicly to this forum including my reasons for doing so! @paramexer stepped up to get me some legit gear bc the shit I was running was garbage and had me feeling like shit in the middle of training camp. Any more questions or concerns and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.


You promoted yourself to the “asshole” of this forum?? Ha ha your a fucking weenie dude, get a life.


Outfuckingstanding @N8GainTrain, great job in the ring bro.


Why would you say that you are an asshole?
You have every right to question something just like everyone else.
Just do it the right way.


Be nice