2gr testosterone per week is worth it?


best i ever felt was 1.5-2g test


Never said that just gave my opinion on 2 g ,I don’t think anyone under 25 should even touch gear and should research 4 years before they start my friend ,but in the real world I know guys that take gear and have no idea what they have or how it works very very sad but true


if there was a way to drill into them that it really is a waste of time and money and that they already have an abundance of test at there age .how do you make them believe that the society we live in makes them wants a quick fix .a 100mg of test willprob do the more rather than a gram, they will do it anyway ,so maybe to encourage them its not good but if you do wan to, stick with 100mg .and diet ,spend your money on quality food .if i had a son i would say you gonna do it any way why waste your money try 100mg a week ,get more out of placebo effect with them probably


Ive run out of ways to tell some people that there are bbers like myself that have done high dosages, different compounds, stacks, timing , etc… Thank God There was fake or underdosed shit at certain points. It might of saved me. I truly believe for the competitive bbers that are in shape at heavy or superheavy , might need/want the 2% result and might have to deal with the side effects of a multi gram cycle. We have to be honest or no one will even open their ears long enough. Some have gotten away with crazy shit, for now and remember lots of younger instagram generation get duped. I know and I might know why and I might not but there are certain limits I couldnt cross and I was considered a nut as a teen and junior. I have taken over 3 almost 4 grams total of “stuff” in off season, i always took less pre contest. AAS work best w/ enough kcals and rest w/o clen, or the stress of higher cardio and lower Kcals. Was it worth it at the time, YES… with a 20-25yo life view. No kids yet, no persons except my MoM that I loved more than myself. I have not and will not recommend crazy protocols and I will not feel like a hypocrite. OH WELL, I have hindset now. I dont know why I love Bodybuilding and powerlifting. I enjoy many other true and boderline sports as well. Bottom line, 9/10 times Ive had money connections, tunnel vision, smoke blown up my ass by promoters, whatever, When I took the most drugs I felt the worst. All the food, stress on organs, I still take my vitals most days and Blood sugar, I piss once a week on a chem strip. I have lots of blood work. just to check whats going on. So, 2 grams of test as a base and rhe rest of a stack, I gurantee most will not even be able to make it 6-8 weeks. Or they will see less gains because of general lethargy and Malaise. Fucking tired. Go mega dose vitamin C, B vitamins, other minerals/pro enzymes. You feel like shit too! not everyone can or wants to be 250 ripped, obvious by bbing turnout at shows. It seems a lot of guys here have found their sweet spot. Training #1, Diet/nutrition, then drugs/supps. The mind muscle link, the pump, the ability to abs all the time, eating good and not stuffing yourself silly. I take in everything I read, I like to see what others are doing. Ahh [email protected]#$%, another ADD rant. bottom line I truly believe there is a level for everyone. Some need to feel what im talking about by tiby focusing on drugs instead of nutritionand training. We should feel good and uplifted. red , lethargic,