2gr testosterone per week is worth it?


Hey Guys
After received many e-mails with just one question I was tempted to share some thoughts with you. The question was: “I am planning to take 2gr testosterone a week (yes 2000mg Test) is this a good idea because everyone says YES” emailers age 19-23, now I have a question for you UGM members, what is your opinion on this subject? I’d like to hear though one reason of taking 2000mg of testosterone per week, is it really worth it to ruin your own hormone structure at a young age? One of the reasons I heard of R. Piana took 2gr testosterone per week, but is that the reason?
Of course, I am a sponsor and I should be happy that customers want more and more, but at the expense of health or sometimes life? What’s your opinion? because most of them not really want to listen …

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Am on TRT and am grateful for this second cycle and all the mistakes i have made, personally i wont do again more than 600-800 mg /week, the sides destroy the whole cycle


No way 2g of legit test is a good idea. As a base at largest he’d need 1g test and stack over. This kid is going to be in for some serious issues at that age.


@TrenGod that’s why I explained to them, but they didn’t want to listen. So if would be just one kid, maybe I would not pay such attention but numbers of kids are really a lot with some crazy ideas and this situation really worry me. Some didn’t cycle at all but they are ready apply very heavy cycle ehhhh…

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I have done 2000mgs a week of test plus other drugs and yes the results were fkn insane but the sides were much worst. We are talking about a kid whos own natural production is at its peak through those years of 19-23 tell him no fkn way hes crazy and will destroy his body if you goes through with it


what do you think, what did I say? lol (kindly tried) lol

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If he wont listen them theres nothing you can do. Thats why i think these assholes on the internet rattling off crazy numbers of the gear tontake and putting up these imsane cycles are fkn pieces of shit! Because some stupid ass kid is gonna read it and think well if he said it than im gonna have to do that amount to look like a pro. Yet he doesnt realize that if you dont have the genetics for it than no matter how much gear you take it just aint gonna happen.


… they became so frustrated when I said to become PRO, isn’t enough just take steroids :slight_smile:

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I have done 2 g a week many times and more believe it or not gains were impresssive but not that much more than 1250 a week that’s my norm


… so @Mountain-man do you think when 19 years old boy asked me about use 2gr test per week should I say " your gain will be so impressive and go for it ?" hmmmm…

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Absolutely not lol


i was gonna reply to this but i dont know what to say ,


Theres no question to say anything but HELLLLL NOOOOOO!!! He shouldnt even be using gear at thst age.


agree with you, money is not everything !!!

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seriously? 2000mg per week? I did not know that you can take it. It must be extreme experience because I feel explosions at 500mg but 2000mg? Are these kids crazy?


The longer you stay on or more cycles you have under your belt your body will require higher amounts to continue to grow but to your genetic ceiling then after that no matter how much gear you take you wont get any bigger just suffer more sides and it aint worth it. Now i stay with 1200mgs a week of test 400 and 100mg tne preworkout 4-5 days a week which is very quickly out of your system. Plus 900mgs of eq has me maintaining my current weight, muscle, and single digit bf%


I just wanted to add that its definitely crazy to take 2g of test but also its a pain to have to inj all that oil. I have a problem getting 600mgs of PRIMO plus 125mg 2x a wk. If I had to inj 4 2ml 500mg worth of test plus whatever else im running. Forget about that.
The side effects I would have to take 25mgs of aromasin a day to fight off the estrogen lol


who gives such ideas to these kids?


Symbiotec here is my two cents. I understand your a business man but you have to draw a line somewhere. And obviously you have and are trying to figure out how to deal with it. So here is my advice as a father of 4. Boys between the age of 15 and 25 think they are indestructible. I have watched LOTS of Piana videos and he specifically advises AGAINST what that kid is trying to do. So therefore my opinion is stop trying to be nice and let it out. Its fucking stupid what he is trying to do plain and simple, everyone here knows that especially you. People do whatever they want to do in the end. If a crack head wants crack you can drop them off in the middle of a strange town and within 24 hours they will find a way to get crack. Therefore tell the kid flat out you wont be responsible for him ruining his body and very possibly even killing himself so therefore you wont sell to him anymore. Block his IP and don’t fill his order. Who gives a dam about money if you know it could ruin someones life. I know you feel this way your just trying to handle it tactfully cuz in the end your running a business. But sometimes if the nail is bent you just have to smash it with a hammer to get the job done…and this kid is hell bent on making it happen. And in the end I can tell you truly care and don’twant him to get hurt. So you have tried being nice so now get straight to the point and let him go kill himself with someone elses gear. My 2 cents


@Titanings this is the post I was waiting for! I know where the red line is and I know what to answer these kids. I do not need to block their IP because I just say NO. I opened this thread because everyone could say thinks about the high doses of steroids or in the body of steroids for kids what they were looking at bodybuilding magazines. If kids enters UGM and finds our topic, they will think about it 10 x before making decisions. I am a human also I have a family but I always say there are more important things like money. Speaking to the kids myself, which does not listen to me, maybe if they read this topic, they will understand that I was right. I could say “go kiddy somewhere else” but before doing it I would like to educate him a little bit and now I have your entries and I can copy the link and send it showing that I am not alone in my opinions. If they do not want to listen to one, they may listen to the majority. I know that this is a business, but besides business, you have to be a reasonable person. Thank you all for your activity, maybe these kids will read it in someday. Thank you

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