20 weeks transformation. WOW!

Although there are some monsters with our team, in my opinion it’s just amazing. to see this befor/after pics.


@Ukgear now that’s impressive

20 weeks. , yes this is amazing. , excellent dieting , training , you can tell you had all aspects on point.

@Ukgear I promise I am not saying this to come off cocky, so PLEASE nobody think that but just to clarify this was around 12.5 weeks. Left pic was March 18 at end of my bulk around 200 then right was week of 6/15 around 181. Running solberg test p, mast ace, and bold ace. Had some var in the first 6 weeks and winny last 6.

So thankful I found you bro! I already had the diet and gaining and dedication down and lair that with top quality gear can’t beat that combo. I really appreciate you!

@PHD @SIEGMUND I appreciate it guys!! It was fun but back to bulk mode now! Road to 220-225 then cut to 200 is my goal. Assuming coach feels the same! If you guys want to follow my log I started on here feel free. I’d love your input and feedback along he way!!

This is honestly a 20wk transformation that is amazing this picture looks more like a 2yr journey with a couple of cycles.
A truly commend the hard work and dedication. I have worked hard over 2yrs and im no where near that yet.
I’m going for a bulkier look but its definitely a solid build the bf% being so low with that amount of lean muscle mass is amazing

No way brother 12wk im going to have to call bs on that.
If you really changed that much so much respect but its really hard for me to believe that’s a 12wk difference in pics

I will post pics with the dates at the top from my camera roll. I would never try to make something up for no reason. Whether it is 20 or 12 really doesn’t matter. I was just pointing that out. One sec I’ll get them up for you tho.

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Im not really calling you a lier its just so hard to believe. Its an amazing transformation and at 12wk it is without a doubt the best transformation i have ever seen. You went from gym rat to pro in 12wk its amazing brother

You know im going to be following your log and journey you have my attention for sure

Here you go bro. Just went back and found the pics and took screen shots so the date and time shows at the top still. You’re gunna probably think I’m even more crazy because I realized when I said 12 weeks I was actually looking at another checkin pic from a few weeks before on March 18, the pic in the above pic is actually from April 15. They’re pretty similar but I was 197.4 on march 18 and then 200.8 on April 15 (that was the end of my bulk). I then cut for 9 weeks to where I am on he right pic June 15 at 181.

yes I track my weight in notes on my phone each day and take weekly averages to compare progress. I’m VERY OCD haha

Here’s the pics:

march 18 at 197.4:

April 15 at 200.8

June 15 at 181:

I just know I’m new here and don’t want any doubt. I also have all these pics in my log on M&S all the way back where my entire progress journey can be seen with dates too.

And thanks man it means a lot. I really busted my ass. Remember I was bulked up after 10.5 months of growing from 150 to that 200 pic. So I was nice and watery lol makes for a good transform pic.

You started at 150lbs thats 60lbs of hard work. I definitely respect that I really respect those that put in the work it shows that its possible. What I hate are the guys that use and then end up destroying there bodies with no results. They take the 2 steps forward then end up 3 steps backwards. Im definitely doing something wrong lol I’ve come along way my journey started at 260+ at 30%bf+ 2yrs later im at 208 this morning at 19% as of measurements. I believe that im actually a little higher. Im looking to get to 210 at around 13% I believe that then I would be happy but you know how it is i will never be happy. Lol

That is some awesome progress to be proud of bro. Sounds like you have really turned your life around coming down 50lbs from 30+% bf. Dont shirt change yourself that’s some solid work. And it’s good to never feel like it’s enough. Keeps us driving. I know I never want to be satisfied.