1st order from AAS PHARMACY



First order with AAS Pharmacy was awesome. Ordered 1 Arimidex and 1 Anadrol 50mg

Package came in 2 days flat. Communication was excellent. Packaging was great.


Nice brotha! Looks very professional :ok_hand:


You should really be happy with those
Shout out to @AAS-pharma for providing


I am very happy. I felt like a fat kid on Christmas morning when I got my package yesterday.


I always feel the same way its like opening the best gift you can get lol


I was literally running around my place screaming like Jason Genova. Lmao


Oh hell yeah it does, matter if fact I may have some gear porn in the near future


They are awesome . I will be a life long customer for sure. Test kicked in good last couple days . My face is greasy like teenage girl on her period


Thanks for the support:) We always try to do our best to satisfy our customers’ needs. Oh yeah I want to mention to you guys that we accept credit card processing now.


Any updates on product effectiveness?


At this point strength is way up on all major basic compound movements. and I’ll be getting blood done next week.


The A bombs were definitely real as fuck.
Also got some dbol to throw in the mix. Both dbol and drol are very real.


Nice glad to hear things like this @AAS-pharma