11-0 (7th Rd TKO Stoppage)


First and foremost I want to thank my amazing sponsor @Iron_Junkie_Labs for providing me with the top notch gear to help me get my weight up and giving me that extra drive in the gym and also putting me into a position to be fighting and dominating in these heavier weight classes.

The streak continues! 11-0! I stopped him in the 7th round. As I anticipated and expected going in, I knew what his tendencies are in the ring most fighters have tendencies, his is using a lot of footwork, and moving around the ring (some ppl might call it running). He has incredible footwork and he definitely made it more difficult for me to cut off the ring than any other fighter has in the past. He would come in and try to bang a little and hang in the pocket and exchange standing in the center of the ring for the better part of about the first minute or so of every round then try to run and hide for the last two minutes of the round. I thought it might pose some problems for me point wise and on the scorecards if we did go the distance bc its hard to get shots off on a guy who’s moving around so much and clentching. I do believe he won the first round and possibly the second, the 3rd round I started loosening up focusing on timing him bc it was apparent to me by then it wasn’t going to be a brawling type of fight or we weren’t going to be exchanging toe to toe very much. But in the corner before the 4th round began coach pointed out after the minute mark of every round he would look over and check the clock and then get on his horse and start running but we stuck to the game plan. As I said every fighter has different styles and tendencies, so you have to be able to adjust to those different styles, I just kept the pressure on him, kept bringing the fight to him and stuck to the game plan which was pressure, pressure, pressure, establish the jab early on and work behind it to set up the big 3-4 punch combinations & use my size advantage and reach. Sometime in the 4th round I knew I definitely had timing down on his ass. I was countering nearly every punch he was throwing and landing clean on a huge percentage. Timing is one thing you can’t hide or fake in the ring. So as we went to the 5th and 6th rounds we turned up the pressure and kept him on the ropes most of the 5th and into the 6th rounds. He was getting more and more frustrated and he was showing it, which is the last thing you want to do in a fight. Sometime in the 5th round I caught him with a left hook that put a small cut over his right eye I thought the ref was going to stop the fight at the end of the 6th bc he looked to be running out of gas, his mouth was starting to stay open more and his arms started to sag and the cut was starting to bleed a little more and I was t-ing off on him in the corner, I really thought this was going to be the end but he just wouldn’t go down and somehow was managing to still throw enough to keep the ref from waiving it off. Credit to him and his ability to take so much punishment and still keep fighting and he made it out of the 6th. The 7th round he wouldn’t get so lucky. When I saw the cut in the 6th getting worse, that blood that started to come out of it makes for a nice target when your in there in a fight. That’s what I zeroed in on and started picking my shots I’d draw him in by keeping my left arm down. I’d let him shoot a big shot and counter back with a left hook or a sharp left jab to that right eye. Towards the end of the 7th he was coming in and threw a right hook upstairs that I was able to shoulder roll off and came back with a clean, solid, counter straight right that landed square on that right eye. With 50 seconds left in the 7th he took a knee, he and his eye simply couldn’t take anymore punishment and I think he did the right thing. I got the victory by TKO stoppage.

I didn’t escape totally unscathed, I’m a little banged up this morning and sore, as he did catch me with a few good shots and definitely tested my chin more than once. Got a good size lump under my left eye and a nice, pretty bruise on my left cheek as well but nothing that isn’t really expected and when you get the W in that type of fashion it has a way of making the pain and soreness a little more bearable. Overall it was a great, competitive fight and I feel damn good about it this morning!

Thanks for all of your support UGM in the lead up to this fight!


Good job bro!


Nice work!

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
― Sun Tzu


Awesome job man.


Thanks bro!


Thank you Fit!


I absolutely love this quote brother! :zap:


Magnificent just genius brother!! You truly are a strategic fighter and know how to read your opponents habbits. A persistent and intelligent fighter like you will go far brother as your have already shown it! Congratulations on your 11-0 brother you make me so proud! :blush:


Congrats :muscle: good job !!!


Congrats bro, and congrats on the new home as well.


:speaking_head: IF YA AINT FIRST YOUR LAST


@John to be politically correct in the new ‘pussy society’… everybody is a winner. :joy:

Its great to see that their are individuals that place true value in competition. How can we be strong if we never push ourselves to our limits?! How do we get better if we never fail?!

The competitive nature of the individuals on UGM is inspirational and every member should be proud. Not only for what they are doing for themselves but how those actions are benefiting others.

Rock on!


Of course everybody is a winner how could I forgot, my step daughters tball team gets trophies for the whole team, I shrug it off, and teach her to take pride in what she does and not expect recognition for everything, then I take her home after the game and we practice practice practice


Thanks @John I get what your saying and love the movie that quote comes from. But I live by there is no losing…you either win or you learn.


So damn proud of you and happy for you big dog!!! Thats how a true champion gets it done. You are truly inspirational and a soldier all the way around. Congrats on another beautiful performance taking home the win!! 11-0 is friggin something special in the making. Heres to you my brotha on talking the talk and walking the walk :metal:t2:


Thanks bro I appreciate the kind words and recognition. I am truly blessed to have have a sponsor like you having my back. I’m a firm believer in the fight is won in the gym and in preparation for your opponent and knowing that opponent before you step into the ring with him…that and supreme confidence in yourself.


Thanks brother you know how much your support and friendship mean to me so I’m glad to hear your happy for me brother, although I knew you’d be happy to hear this. Much love and respect big dog!:muscle::boxing_glove:


Same here bro always :facepunch:t2:


Wat ta go my man. Cograts and keep it going.


100% full steam ahead. Great job.