100% Safe Delivery from SR Health Tech


Hello bros,
As an international supplier, SR Health Tech always works to find very safe and smooth shipping methods for our clients.

At the moment, for clients in USA and Europe, we mainly use direct shipping channel. SR Health Tech cooperates with professional shipping agent who has a very great performance on steroids shipping. Packages will be shipped from our ware house in Hong Kong or other cities of China.

Although, our direct shipping is smooth and safe enough, we also have special domestic shipping service for those clients in USA and Europe who attach great importance to shipping safety. Our colleagues in USA or Europe will receive their package first and then reship it to them through domestic delivery. Therefore, shipping time will be a little longer and shipping fee will be a little higher than direct shipping. If you need it, please inform [email protected] in time while proceeding your order.

Our clients can choose the shipping methods according to their need.
Any special need about shipping or our service, please inform Diana.

SR Health Tech extremely value every chance to cooperate with you! We promise no matter which shipping methods you choose, we will try our best to protect your personal info and help you can receive your package safely.

We have many successful cases for our safe delivery service. If you have an interest, please contact
[email protected]

  1. SR Health Tech has our own warehouses in USA, Europe.
    Therefore, we are able to offer our clients 100% safe delivery. Your parcel will first be delivered to our ware houses in your countries and then we will arrange domestic shipment send your package. You privacy is totally protected from being exposed to the Customs.

  2. In case the package is seized, and we can provide you with complete reshipping policy. You won’t worry about the loss of both money and address.

  3. We can guarantee what you received is 100% high-quality product.


High quality steroid raws manufactured by our GMP standard factory.
Bulk price will be given to you if you purchase in bulk.
We are able to ship to USA, European countries, Australia, Singapore, and many other countries.
If you have an interest, please feel free to contact me!

[email protected]


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